Hitting Targets for the New Financial Year!

Last Friday our team celebrated the end of the 2022-23 financial year with an afternoon of Axe Throwing, lunch and some victorious drinks to top it all off!

United Global Capital EOFT staff party 2023

Our EOFY event celebrated not only the achievements we have made as a company over the past year, but the individuals who come together every day to make them happen! As we welcome in the new financial year, we are thrilled to hit the ground running with such a wonderful team here at UGC.

Our business values are core to what we do – and we value our amazing staff who embody these every day!


We take pride in our sense of integrity, and how it is showcased across the company. Our team consistently deliver on our promises, and prioritise our clients’ interests no matter what. Each employee of UGC operates to the highest Ethical Standard – and that’s something to celebrate!


Our team is made up of experts, and budding experts, in our field. As we constantly seek to expand our knowledge for the service of others, we also look inwards, ensuring all members of UGC behave respectfully in all aspects of our lives. This way, we can consistently provide World Class Experiences.


We aim to positively change the lives of everybody associated with UGC – employees, clients, and stakeholders, alike.


At UGC we set our objectives high, and our team are driven to achieve exceptional results within every aspect of our work. We’re passionate about hitting our – and our clients’ – targets. 

Please stay tuned for more opportunities to engage with our team as we venture into the New Financial Year with a bang!!

Interest in joining our growing team? CLICK HERE to view current positions available.

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