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September 2014

Is Brisbane the next Property Hotspot?

Is Brisbane the next property hotspot? Loyal investors and owner occupiers are certainly hoping so. After almost 8 years of…

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Super Rates & Thresholds for 2014-2015

Super Rates & Thresholds for 2014-2015 With all the recent changes to superannuation and taxation laws, I thought we’d provide…

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Recent stories

Top ways to cut your expenses and increase your savings

Is the key to saving a home deposit as simple as giving up ‘smashed avo’? Well not quite. But spending…

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Weekly Market Updates | June 28, 2022

Watch UGC’s weekly market update videos to find out the week’s most important financial and investment news.

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Financial planning for your growing family

Starting a family, whether it be taking those first steps of planning or knowing your baby is on their way,…

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Investing for a house deposit

The surge in house prices around Australia over the last two years has done little to quell the notion that…

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Heart, head and gut: 5 tips for making better business decisions

One of the biggest things holding entrepreneurs back from making bigger, better decisions for their business is anxiety over making…

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