At UGC Securities we design, implement and manage all aspects of your financial markets investment portfolio. We tailor your investment strategy to your needs while employing strategies and stock selection methods used by some of the world’s best investors.

lnvestment Philosophy

UGC Securities combines the principals of some of the world’s most successful investors into one comprehensive portfolio management strategy. Employing the teachings of great Value investors, such as Warren Buffett and Carl Ichan, with those of the greatest Growth investors, such as William O’Neil, David Ryan and Mark Minervini, UGC’s own proprietary Quality, Value, Trend (QVT) approach to stock selection gives you the opportunity to consistently generate above average returns. 

Global Capital Markets

UGC Securities provides you with the best opportunity to succeed by opening up access to the world’s most important capital markets and a diverse range of investment and trading assets. Become a client of United Global Capital and take advantage of the opportunities the world has to offer. Invest in the biggest mega-trends, own a share of the best companies, protect your risk or exploit short term opportunities by hedging or trading in Options, Futures and Contracts for Difference (CFDs). Are you conducting business overseas? Pay and receive foreign currency transfers at market beating rates.

Portfolio Management

Your UGC Securities adviser is an expert in constructing portfolio strategies and actively managing these strategies on your behalf, allowing you to do more of the things your are good at or enjoy. Your UGC Securities adviser works with you to design your own tailored investment and trading strategy, constructing a portfolio and managing that portfolio on an ongoing basis to ensure your needs for income and growth are met. Your UGC Securities adviser will help you accelerate your wealth creation and manage your wealth effectively once financial independence has been achieved. 


Global Equity Markets

Invest and trade across all the world’s most important share markets including Australia, United States, Europe, Asia, North America, South America and Emerging Markets. Your UGC adviser will help you design a plan to succeed.


Income Securities

GC provides access to High Interest Deposit accounts, Term Deposits, Multi-Currency accounts, Corporate, Sovereign, State and Municipal Bonds, Hybrid Securities as well as Fixed or Floating Rate Notes, Bonds and Preference Shares.



Better manage risk, take advantage of a short term trading opportunity or create a long term leveraged portfolio. We are experts in devising strategies using stock, index, interest rate, commodity or currency Contracts for Difference (CFDs), Options, Futures and Forward Contracts .


Foreign Exchange

Do you run an import or export business? Invest in overseas businesses, foreign real estate or regularly send or receive foreign currency? UGC provides market beating foreign exchange and payment services, hedging tools and personalised service. UGC ForEx dealers can help you better manage risk and keep more of your money in your account.


Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

Use ETFs to position your portfolio for an expected move in a specific market, sector or industry. Be aggressive and use geared ETFs or hedge your portfolio or profit from a sell-off by using inverse ETFs for specific markets, sectors or industries. You can also use ETFs to invest in a back-tested algorithm driven investment or trading strategy.



Do you run a commodities business, need to manage your commodity price exposure, or have a view which you want to profit from? At UGC we can help you manage your exposure and profit from all the major moves on all the major exchange traded commodities including gold, silver, copper, oil, natural gas, iron ore, wheat, soybeans, coffee and more.


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