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November 2019

Episode 68: How this Chinese company grossed $38 Billion in one day during the US-China trade war.

This week, Brett returns to the podcast from a 2 week holiday with two "crystal balls" that gives us research…

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Creating partnerships with big-picture and detail-oriented thinking

It’s important to know which personality type you are because you need to know how to work with others to…

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Episode 66: Financial update for 2019

This week Joel and Louis give us a financial updated before releasing the UGC financial report. The Australian equity market…

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Recent stories

Retirement planning: it's not all about the money

Retirement is often a massive life change for the majority of people who experience it. Most of us will have…

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Weekly Market Updates | March 22 2023

Watch UGC’s weekly market update videos to find out the week’s most important financial and investment news. Listen Now

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What is Probate?

  Probate is a process by which the Court approves the will of the Deceased as valid and rules that…

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Join UGC’s CEO and Chief Investment Officer, Joel Hewish, this episode for UGC’s investment philosophy, and its correlation to the…

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Sowing the seeds of succession

Succession planning can be difficult at the best of times without dealing with the added pressures farmers have recently faced…

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