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April 2022

Why is ageing hard to talk about?

In life, many of us are totally at ease and comfortable talking to our family and friends about many topics.…

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Why investment predictions can be likened to weather forecasts

Investment forecasts, just like weather forecasts are just that – projections of what might happen on the future, based on…

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Buying an investment property: how to get started

Investment properties can generate wealth or earn you a passive income – maybe both – but even in a booming…

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From boom to balanced: 2022 set to ride a smoother property wave

Quarterly property update: November – January 2022 After a bumper year across the Australian property market – from the city…

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Six savvy ways to get out of debt and get ahead

It’s easy to walk into debt, but so much harder to get out of it. You must own your mess…

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What to expect in 2022

Investment returns are unpredictable. Take last year, for example. Few would have predicted that the price of coffee beans would…

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Recent stories

Modern Family Succession and Estate Planning

Managing intricate family dynamics and blended families can present challenges, especially in the event of a family member’s passing. Estate…

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Is Negative Gearing Still Viable?

Over the past 18 months, the landscape of investment properties has been shifting due to the consistent rise in interest…

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Asset Classes Explained

Investing is the act of buying assets with the expectation of them increasing in value over time or providing income.…

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First Home Owner Grant (FHOG) – A Basic Guide

Embarking on the journey to your first home is an adventure filled with excitement, anticipation, and a fair share of…

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8 Biggest Retirement Planning Mistakes To Avoid

Retirement planning is a crucial phase in life, yet many individuals inadvertently make mistakes that can jeopardise their financial stability…

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