A multidisciplinary team with world class skills and experience.

Our investment reach is global; likewise our multidisciplinary team hail from locations as far afield as the United States and Brazil. Together we offer an impressive breadth and depth of experience in the financial and investment sectors, gained from time spent working in local and overseas markets.

Joel Hewish

CEO / Chief Investment Officer

Joel Hewish is the founder, Chief Executive and Chief Investment Officer of United Global Capital (UGC). A highly skilled, educated and experienced wealth management professional, Joel established UGC with a vision to bring the world’s best investment opportunities and financial strategies to everyday Australians.

Joel has been engaged in the financial services industry since 2004, helping individuals and families to achieve their goals. Beginning his career at Morgan Wealth Management Group and Colonial First State subsidiary, Avanteos, Joel later worked for boutique investment bank Fortrend Securities, establishing their Private Wealth Management division.

Joel is an experienced and engaging industry speaker, keeping on top of current trends and forecasts, providing in-depth analysis of the latest news and informing clients on events that may affect their investments. He has constantly gone above and beyond in investing in both shares and real estate globally.

Brett Dickinson

Director – UGC Global Property

Brett Dickinson is the Managing Director of UGC Global Property and UGC Projects. Qualified, experienced and knowledgeable in Personal Finance, Corporate Finance, Real Estate Development, Marketing and Sales, Brett manages United Global Capital’s property development projects and client acquisitions.

Brett understood what is required for elite performance early in his working life spending 10 Years as PGA Professional. He has continually educated himself and developed into a skilled property professional who possesses high level strategic thinking, excellent communication and astute negotiation skills.

A fully licensed Real Estate Agent with 15 years of experience in company administration and corporate governance, Brett has held multiple board positions in private and public companies and been involved in $500m of corporate transactions across Capital Raising, Mergers & Acquisitions and Business Exits. Brett has a passion for providing guidance and management across real estate acquisitions and investments.

Edward Gribble

Head of Compliance / Head of Technical Services

Edward is the current Head of both Compliance and Technical services at UGC. Edward has more than fifteen years of financial services experience encompassing financial planning training as well as compliance and management. Edward has a double degree from the University of Auckland in Commerce and Arts, an Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning and qualifications in margin lending and Self-Managed Superannuation funds.

Huw Davies

Head of Research / Co-Portfolio Manager

Huw is Head of Research and Co-Portfolio Manager at UGC with over 20 years’ financial services experience covering Equities, Derivatives, Fixed Income, FX and Funds Management. Huw is a highly skilled and experienced investment management professional with considerable global market investing experience across multiple asset classes. Huw is an Investment Committee Member of the UGC Global Alpha Fund, UGC Platinum Alpha Fund, Pivotal Diversified Fund and a Director of UGC Global Alpha Fund Ltd. Huw holds a Masters of Banking & Finance from Swinburne University.

Joshua Lane

Head of Sales and Marketing / Senior Financial Adviser

Joshua is the Strategic Partnership Manager and a Senior Financial Adviser at United Global Capital. He has been working with individuals, families, and everyday Australians to achieve their goals since 2010. Joshua began his career in the United States with the Vanguard Group before migrating to Australia to work as a financial adviser.
Joshua serves as the Head of Marketing and Sales and Senior Financial Adviser at United Global Capital. Since 2010, he has been committed to helping individuals, families, and everyday Australians achieve their financial goals. With a passion for networking and building relationships, Joshua actively fosters collaborative environments with finance professionals across Australia. His career in financial advising began with the renowned Vanguard Group in the United States before he made the transition to Australia to continue his journey in the field.

Michael Eagar

General Manager of Advice / Senior Financial Adviser

Michael is General Manager of Advice / Senior Financial Adviser at UGC. Since commencing work in the financial services industry in 2013, Michael has helped individuals, families and business owners achieve their financial and lifestyle goals. Michael is a Certified Financial Planner and Qualified Property Investment Adviser, having also completed a Master of Financial Planning and Bachelor of Commerce in Financial Planning and Finance.

Sonia Ambwani

General Manager – Operations

Sonia Ambwani serves as the driving force behind United Global Capital’s operational excellence, holding the pivotal role of General Manager of Operations. With over 15 years of invaluable experience in the financial services industry, Sonia brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her role. Her academic background in finance, combined with her comprehensive understanding of administrative and regulatory requirements, ensures that United Global Capital operates at the pinnacle of efficiency and compliance.
In her current role, Sonia continues to lead by example, spearheading initiatives aimed at streamlining processes, optimizing resource allocation, and enhancing overall business efficiency. She remains dedicated to fostering a culture of excellence, empowering her team to achieve and exceed organizational goals.

Sonia’s unwavering commitment to client satisfaction and her ability to cultivate high performing teams make her an integral part of our executive and leadership team. Under her guidance, the company continues to set new benchmarks for operational excellence and customer service in the financial services industry.

Synthia Sekar

Senior Financial Adviser / Financial Strategist / Aged Care Specialist

Synthia is a Senior Financial Adviser at UGC. With over nine years of industry experience, she strongly believes in holistic Financial Planning and Strategic Advice to optimise your ‘now’ and better your ‘tomorrow.’ She is passionate, knowledgeable and works very closely with her clients in the areas of advice, from cashflow & debt reduction and make way to tax optimisation, wealth building and progressive retirement planning.
She is an Accredited Aged Care Specialist to help elderly clients and their family members to give the peace of mind and informed decision in their Aged Care needs. With true passion and professionalism, being an Adviser is more than just a professional career. It is her everyday goal to reach out to individual, personalise their plan, maintain consistent communication with her clients and journey with them to reach their idea of financial freedom.

David Bell

Senior Financial Adviser / Financial Strategist

David is a Financial Advisor at UGC. He has spent the last 20 years in the financial services industry, both in Australia and overseas. David has worked in leading financial services organisations, with experience in superannuation, investments and insurance. David discusses innovative and relevant strategies with our clients and assists in their understanding of complicated and challenging concepts.

Daniel Reaper

Investment Analyst

Daniel is an Investment Analyst at UGC, where he holds an MBA, a Bachelor’s Degree of Business and is currently undertaking the CFA program. Daniel provides market research and financial analysis, covering global equities. Daniel is also an Integral member of investment committees, contributing valuable perspectives to drive well informed decision-making. He is committed to staying abreast of global market trends and utilizing a data-driven approach to optimize portfolio performance. Daniel spearheads coverage on global equities and oversees a multi-asset strategy, ensuring a comprehensive approach to portfolio optimisation.

Elaine Lee

Equities Trader / Investment Analyst

Elaine is an Equities Trader and Investment Analyst at United Global Capital. She is responsible for identifying short-term and swing trade opportunities for the United Global Capital Global Alpha Fund. She holds a Bachelor of Economics degree from the University of Queensland as well as a Masters in Banking and Finance from Monash University.

Nathan Redden

Senior Paraplanner

Nathan is a Senior Paraplanner at United Global Capital who has over 5 years of experience in the Financial Planning industry. He has graduated from Swinburne University with a Bachelor’s degree in psychology and is currently completing his Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning to pursue his goal of becoming a Financial Adviser. Outside of work, Nathan enjoys playing golf and travelling.

Jordan Loke

Junior Paraplanner

Jordan is a Junior Paraplanner at United Global Capital. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Financial Planning at RMIT University. Jordan aims to continue to work towards becoming a financial adviser by completing further studies in the future. Outside of work, Jordan enjoys playing football and travelling overseas.

Tarun Sharma

Team Leader/ Head of SMSF Administrator

Tarun is the Head of SMSF Administration at UGC. Tarun has over 6 years’ of working experience in SMSF accounting and administration.
Tarun’s day-to-day operations involve liaising with external parties and assisting in the preparation of SMSF financials and tax returns. Tarun, being an ASIC registered SMSF Auditor, ensures the SMSF’s administered by UGC remain compliant with the SIS Act and Regulations. Tarun also holds a Graduate Diploma in Accounting from Deakin University.

Kinjal Patel

Associate Financial Adviser

Kinjal is an Associate Financial Adviser at UGC. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business, and Master’s in Financial Planning providing a solid foundation for understanding the intricacies of the financial world. Kinjal is currently undertaking her Professional Year in her pursuit to become a qualified Financial Adviser. In her current role, she collaborates with financial advisers, focusing on client communication, data analysis, and supporting the advisory team. Kinjal takes a client-centric approach and believes providing efficient, high-quality services is the key to achieving optimal client satisfaction.

Francis Lucani

Adviser Assistant

Francis is an Adviser Assistant at United Global Capital. Francis has completed a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Finance & Financial Planning, and is now completing his Professional Year at United Global Capital. Francis’ ambition to become a Financial Adviser reflects across his work, including his positive client relationships, disciplined work ethic and approachable personality. Outside of work, Francis enjoys travelling.

Ethan Chen

Head of Finance

Ethan is the Head of Finance at UGC. He is a CPA Australia member and holds a Master’s degree in Professional Accounting. Ethan has gained over 5 years of broad experience at some of America’s Fortune 500 companies. He has developed advanced IT skills with a digital mindset and is committed to providing professional and integrated financial services in order to improve corporate governance and compliance.

Jeff Duan

Accounts Officer

Jeff is an Accounts Officer at United Global Capital. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Banking and Finance from Monash University, and a Master’s Degree in Applied Finance from the Australian National University. Jeff always produces highly accurate work, and is a friendly and responsible member of UGC. He continues to develop his professional skills and knowledge by participating in CFA & CPA programs.

Rashi Gupta

Financial Dealer Assistant

Rashi is the Financial Dealer Assistant at United Global Capital. With a Master’s degree in Financial Analysis from La Trobe University and two years of industry experience, she has cultivated a deeper understanding of financial principles. Passionate, driven, and relentlessly ambitious, Rashi is poised to make a significant impact in the ever-evolving realms of Private Equity and global financial markets. With a clear goal of ascending to the esteemed position of Investment Analyst, she is committed to continuously expanding her knowledge and expertise to achieve her ambitions.

Thomas Hyde

Client Services Officer

Thomas is a Client Services Officer at United Global Capital. He is currently completing the final year of his Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Financial Management at La Trobe University, and is particularly interested in financial markets. Thomas intends on completing a Graduate Diploma of Financial Planning, and the CFA exam, in the pursuit of becoming a financial advisor.

Younes Ahmad

Associate Financial Adviser / Senior Client Services Officer

Younes is an Associate Advisor / Senior Client Services Officer at United Global Capital. He has a Bachelor’s in Economics and Finance from RMIT University and is currently undertaking a Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning. Younes is passionate about satisfying client, and his hard-working nature ensures he is an excellent problem solver. These attributes are reflected in his positive and effective client relationships. Younes is currently undergoing his Professional year in which he is gaining further industry experience to capture his aspiration of becoming a Financial Adviser.

Kelvin Nguyen

Client Services Officer

Kelvin is a Client Services Officer at United Global Capital. He manages client interactions addressing their inquiries and ensuring satisfaction. With a Bachelor of Commerce from Monash University majoring in Finance and currently undertaking the CFA program, he has a strong interest in global markets.

Tylah Wallace

Receptionist / SMSF Administrator

Tylah Wallace is the Receptionist and Administration Officer at United Global Capital. Currently pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree in Business at Swinburne University, Tylah is passionate about enhancing her skills and expertise to deliver exceptional service. With meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to excellence, Tylah ensures that every administrative task is executed flawlessly. Her professionalism and proactive approach make her an invaluable asset to the UGC team. Beyond her role in administration, Tylah’s true passion lies in fostering a positive and inclusive workplace culture. With a focus on human resources, she is dedicated to creating an environment where every team member feels valued and supported.

Steve Rogers

Senior Business Development Manager / Senior Financial Adviser

Steve is a Senior Business Development Manager and Financial Adviser at UGC. With more than 10 years’ experience across the finance sector – including investments, insurance and wealth management – Steve provides comprehensive and personalised advice to clients and customers. Previous roles have included specialisation in SMSF management incorporating a broad range of diversified investment strategies.