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A Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) is a brilliant tool for building wealth. It has provided an incredible amount of freedom and flexibility to design and develop a wealth creation plan and investment strategy that suits your needs and objectives.

As a separate legal entity with a number of rules and regulations, the setup process is not as simple as clicking a button. Let the United Global Capital team take care of everything for you.

The following are the eight steps involved in setting up a Self-Managed Superannuation Fund.

Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF)

Step One: Fact Find Meeting With a UGC Advisor

The first thing you will do when setting up a self-managed super fund is have a meeting with a trusted UGC adviser. This will establish important information about your current superannuation and help them to better understand your objectives and goals.

Step Two: Return Signed Engagement Documents and Fact Find

After completing your Fact Find meeting, your UGC adviser will send you a copy of your Fact Find to review and sign, as well as a checklist of documents to be completed, signed and returned to our office. Once these have been sent to your UGC adviser, we can start setting up your self-managed super.

Step Three: UGC Establishes Your SMSF and Statement of Advice

For the next step of your SMSF setup, your UGC adviser will begin preparing your personalised Statement of Advice (SoA). This document will provide personalised advice on the best way to manage your benefits.

At the same time we are preparing your SoA, we will also be establishing your fund. We will then make arrangements to review your Statement of Advice with you, as well as execute the necessary documentation. All you need to do is sign the documents and return them to our office.

Step Four: ATO Confirms the Establishment of Your SMSF

After we have established your SMSF, the ATO will post the following documents to our office confirming the establishment of your fund:

>   Confirmation that your SMSF is established with the ATO.
>   Your fund’s TFN & ABN.

Step Five: Open a SMSF Bank Account and Trading Accounts

UGC will finalise the opening of a Macquarie Cash Management account as the primary bank account for your self-managed super fund. We will also finalise the opening of share trading accounts with discount stock brokers.

Through these trading accounts, you will be able to trade in shares, derivatives, bonds, term deposits, hybrid securities and managed funds across the globe, with minimal hassle and cost. Our administration software will also help your track and monitor how your fund is performing and to review the performance of each investment within the fund.

Step Six: Rollover Your Existing Superannuation Into Your SMSF

After we have received the rollovers from your existing funds, and we have deposited the cheques into your SMSF’s Macquarie Cash Management account, we will deduct any establishment and advice costs. You can then begin making investments.

Step Seven: Start Investing

After we have received the rollovers from your existing funds, and we have deposited the cheques into your SMSF’s Macquarie Cash Management account, we will deduct any establishment and advice costs. You can then begin making investments.

Step Eight: Ongoing Administration and Compliance

Once everything has been established, our ongoing compliance duties include:

>   Providing online and up-to-date portfolio reporting.
>   Preparation of your fund’s annual financial statements.
>   Providing corporate trustee secretarial services.
>   Preparing and administering member statements.
>   Preparing and administering your fund’s tax return.
>   Preparing and administering your fund’s annual audit.
>   Providing mail house services for your fund.

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