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Podcast Episodes

Episode 127 – This is Only Goodbye For Now

This week’s podcast kicks off with Louis talking to us about a Management Leader and his philosophy around how you…

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Episode 126 – Should we be Thinking About our Estate?

This week’s podcast kicks off with Louis discussing how to plan and think about your death. This is followed by…

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Episode 125 – What is Happening on the Stock Exchange?

This week’s podcast kicks off with Joel discussing around the investment markets and their corrections. This is followed by Brett…

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Episode 124 – What is happening in the Luxury Property Market?

This week’s podcast kicks off with Brett talking about the Luxury Property Market and how much the median house prices…

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Episode 123 Are the Effect’s of COVID-19 Wearing Off?

This week’s podcast kicks off with discussions with Joel discussing around some positive news that’s coming in from around the…

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Episode 122 What is Private Equity?

This week’s podcast kicks off with discussions from Louis talking to us about emotional spending during the COVID-19 Lockdowns. Following…

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Know what concessions you may be eligible for?

As a small business, you have access to a range of concessions that could help your cash flow. Here’s some…

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Weekly Market Updates | November 25, 2021

Watch UGC’s weekly market update videos to find out the week’s most important financial and investment news.

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5 things you need to consider when you’re setting up an estate plan

We often don’t like to think of our mortality, but it’s a fact of life. The best way to take…

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How to transition to retirement

As you get closer to retirement, you’ll start to wind down and want to work less without compromising your lifestyle.…

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11 unique ideas that could help you save on renovation

1. Try a working bee What better excuse to have a barbecue than with a working bee? Get family, friends,…

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