Our Advice Philosophy

Our  advice philosophy.  Before you can achieve success, one first needs to define, what is success? At United Global Capital, we define financial success as “being able to do the things you want to do, when you want to do them, without having to rely on anybody else.”

To achieve this outcome, we have a deep belief that true financial freedom is attained through the accumulation of assets that generate passive income streams that are dependable and deliver consistent growth in those income steams at rates above inflation. By focusing on such assets, you can be sure that the yield will eventually lead to growth in asset values and that your income will continue to grow, even long after you have retired.

As such, we believe that investment analysis and selection should primarily focus on the free cash flow generation qualities of each investment. By doing so, you can use those free cash flows for reinvestment while in the accumulation phase, or to improve your standard of living, while in the wealth management phase, and even well after you have retired. In otherwords, its the free cash flows that, once compounded, supercharge wealth accumulation and give you the ability to receive a payrise each year in retirement.

Naturally, our focus for investment selection concentrates on looking for assets that offer huge cash generation potential above those assets that rely on speculative gains based on sentiment towards asset price appreciation.

To ensure we have confidence in the dependability of these cash flows, we typically focus on investments which have low or no internal gearing and assets that pay a dividend or assets that have the potential to pay a dividend but are achieving high levels of return on invested capital.

By combining this investment philosophy with prudent budgeting techniques, the careful use of leverage, sophisticated tax structuring and minimisation strategies, selective asset trading strategies, asset protection strategies, risk management strategies and succession planning strategies, we believe that everyone, even with modest assets or income, can achieve financial outcomes beyond their wildest expectations.

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