Derivatives, ForEx & Commodities

At UGC, our advisers can help you better manage risk, improve investment returns and diversify into alternative asset classes through the careful and disciplined use of derivatives, foreign currencies, commodities and associated investments. Our advisers make it easy for you to cost effectively implement these often misunderstood, yet extremely useful, alternative assets into your investment strategy.

  • Hedging strategies. Your UGC advisor can help you formulate effective hedging strategies using futures, options and CFD contracts covering metals, energy, soft commodities, grains and oil seeds, meats and livestock, currencies, equities, equity indices and interest rates.
  • Investment/Speculation Strategies. Most derivatives inherently offer some level of leveraged exposure to the underlying you are investing or speculating in. Your UGC adviser can help you devise and implement strategies to appropriately position you to profit from your view on a likely move in your chosen underlying.
  • Foreign Currency. UGC can help you take positions and profit from your view on the likely direction of the world’s most traded currencies. You can access these markets directly or indirectly either through the interbank foreign currency market or via exchange traded currency funds available on some of the world’s largest exhanges.
  • Commodities. At UGC, we can help you access direct bullion, exchanged traded commodity funds and futures contracts on commodities so that you can either profit from or hedge an anticipated move in an underlying commodity.

Call UGC today to discuss how you can profit and better manage risk through the careful use of derivatives, foreign currencies and commodities and how they can complement your individually tailored investment strategy.

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