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Episode 96: As Property Prices Fall In Some Areas, New Hotspots Are Emerging.

This episode kicks off with a discussion around the newly re-announced lockdown in Victoria and the actions taken by Premier…

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Risk and rebalance

It's often said that for a better chance at investment success, portfolio decisions should never be guided by specific moments.…

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Episode 90: Be Fearful When People Are Greedy, Be Greedy When People Are Fearful.

This week we release a "Social Distance" episode where Steph, Joel, Louis and Brett remotely dial in to this podcast.…

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Factors to consider when investing in direct shares

Australia has one of the highest rates of share ownership in the world. According to an ASX Australian Investor Study, approximately…

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Episode 73: Where the Stock Market and Economy Are Headed in 2020.

The episode kicks off with a discussion about how the 2020 Australian bushfires will affect major economic sectors such as…

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China’s new Silk Road

The Silk Road, created by China during the Han dynasty (207 BCE – 220 CE), has played a significant role…

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