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What is Probate?

  Probate is a process by which the Court approves the will of the Deceased as valid and rules that…

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Join UGC’s CEO and Chief Investment Officer, Joel Hewish, this episode for UGC’s investment philosophy, and its correlation to the…

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What’s a “Good” Will?

A good Will, is one that is drafted by estate planning lawyers who take a holistic approach. Your estate planning…

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How much life insurance do I need?

Life insurance is a lump sum payment to cover the lack of these future cashflows should you pass away. Life…

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What is Debt Recycling?

Before we answer the question – what is debt recycling? We must first give a brief introduction to debt. We…

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High Interest Savings Accounts

High interest savings accounts have gained more interest (figuratively and in reality) in recent months as interest rates around the…

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