UGC Global Alpha Fund – Hedge Fund (Wholesale Investors)

An actively managed multi-strategy, multi-time frame, long biased hedge fund which aims to produce superior returns during moderate and low volatility flat to upwardly biased market conditions and protect capital and minimise drawdowns during periods where volatility is above average or markets are down trending.

Fund overview

Targeting long term investment returns through a combination of short-term tactical trading strategies with longer term investment positions to generate superior returns throughout the investment cycle.

The Fund will combine the approach of two or more different strategies allocated across two or more different portfolio allocations to achieve its objectives.

The trading portfolio consists of an intra-day, multi-day and/or multi week trading approach targeting smaller but quicker returns in an active, concentrated, high turnover portfolio allocation across a range of asset classes primarily with a long bias but with scope to also short down trending markets.

The investment strategy is a total return focused, concentrated, capital growth biased investment approach, focused on medium to long term investments in largely growth focused listed shares across the world’s major financial markets.

The Overall fund strategy consists of a strict quantitative and qualitative stock selection methodology and assessment process as well as a well-defined and pre-determined portfolio management, capital allocation, risk management decision making frame work and process.

Our objective

Seeking Long Term Capital Growth with Active Risk Management

The Fund is an absolute return focused hedge fund targeting high returns through the investment cycle while attempting to protect the portfolio against the risk of substantial loss. The fund is targeting an after fee, pre-tax return of the greater of 5% per annum above the MSCI World Index (AUD) or 20% per annum on an absolute return basis over a rolling 5 year period*. The fund utilises multiple strategies to achieve its objective.

The fund adopts an active risk management overlay to help guard against catastrophic loss, this includes the use of Stock Specific Stop Losses, Portfolio Hedging and Tactical Asset Allocations. The Investment manager will utilise all methods as appropriate and will at times hold large cash positions in unfavourable market conditions.


*This is a target return only and is not a forecast or guaranteed return.
Disclaimer: Past performance is not an indicator of future performance, figures are net of all fees and costs.

Our Strategy

UGC Global Alpha Fund Strategy

The primary strategy is built around intra-day, multi-day and multi-week short term trading strategies. This approach to trading focuses on exploiting short term, but more frequent, price movements in stocks. The Investment Manager will typically deploy a highly concentrated exposure to a very select number of positions at any one time.

The second strategy is a total return focused, concentrated, capital growth biased investment approach, focused on medium to long term investments in largely growth focused listed shares across the world’s major financial markets. This strategy is built around a strategic asset allocation and strategy allocation framework which provides the Investment Manager with the flexibility to adjust its portfolio setting at short notice. The Investment Manager will be aiming to maintain a broad strategic target allocation of approximately 5% Cash, 20% Tactical Asset Allocation (ETF’s, Indexes, Commodities, Currencies etc.) and a 75% Direct Stock Allocation.

The Investment Manager will deploy leverage across both the trading and investment portfolios within the Fund by utilising a range of instruments including margin loans, derivatives and leveraged exchange traded funds (ETFs) to enhance the returns of the portfolio, but will also utilise such instruments in strategies such as short selling and hedging with a view to protecting the portfolio against meaningful downside movements in unfavourable market conditions. The Investment Manager may, on certain occasions, also position the Fund in a net short position to take advantage of markets, that it views, as being susceptible to downside market movements.

Trend following short, medium and long term breakout strategy

Sustainable long term capital growth focus

Concentrated high turnover trading strategy

Active risk management to protect capital and minimise draw downs

Information Memorandum (IM)

Further details on the UGC Global Alpha Fund can be found in the Information Memorandum.


The Fund is a wholesale fund and available to wholesale investors only via the application form found in the Information Memorandum (IM). The minimum initial Investment is $50,000.

Investing directly without advice

Complete an application form by downloading and reading the Information Memorandum and filling out the application form at the back of the IM.

Investing with adviser assistance

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Reports and updates

Providing you with clarity

View our latest reports and stay up to date with the latest news influencing financial markets and the fund’s performance.

Key information for investors

Fund facts

Investment Manager UGC Asset Management Pty Ltd
Trustee VT No. 2 Pty Ltd
Fund Inception December 2021
Minimum Investment AUD $50,000
Target Return Greater of 5% per annum above the MSCI World Index (AUD) OR 20% per annum on an absolute basis over a rolling 5 years period*
Investment Term 5+ years
Asset Allocation Alternative Investments
Management Fee 2% per annum
Investment Style Growth and momentum
Performance Fee 20% subject to Hurdle Rate & High Watermark
*This is a target return only and is not a forecast or guaranteed return


For further information please contact UGC Asset Management on +61 3 8657 7640 or email [email protected].

To start your investment journey with us today, download the funds Information Memorandum and complete the application form today.

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