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2,000,000 Australians are experiencing high financial stress, 1 in 2 adults have limited to no savings and only 1 in every 2 Australians have a “basic understanding” of financial products and services. At anyone time, 1 in 10 Australians have a missed credit or insurance payment.

  • Percentage of Australian pensioners below the poverty line.

    One in every three Australians will struggle to survive in retirement.

  • Percentage of Australian households in financial stress.

    Wouldn't life be more enjoyable if you didn't have to worry about money?

  • Percentage of fund managers that underperform.

    Don't let a faceless lazy professional ruin your chance of financial success.

  • Percentage of Australians that seek financial advice.

    Of these 89% believe the advice they received was extremely beneficial.


Senior Management

Joel Hewish
Joel Hewish
Chief Executive / Chief Financial Strategist
Brett Dickinson
Brett Dickinson
Director – Property & Operations

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