UGC Global Property (OLD)

UGC Global property is our global property advisory division. At UGC Global Property we search the world for the best real estate investment opportunities for our clients to benefit from. We partner with you and your other advisers to deliver superior risk adjusted results.

It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for distressed property, deep value, high growth or income. We utilize our wide network of property professionals to deliver the outcomes you require.

Our approach to property investment is influenced heavily by our overriding and guiding investment belief being that each investment we recommend should provide immediate, direct and easily identifiable benefits for owning that investment.  If it doesn’t, then we do not consider this opportunity as an investment. This belief has heavily influenced the development of our financial markets investment strategy and it has the same influence on our approach to selecting direct property investment opportunities.

At UGC Global Property we undertake extensive research and analysis to identify the highest quality risk to reward real estate investment opportunities in Australia and overseas. We utilise a Macro to Micro approach to real estate investment analysis and only target specific opportunities at the time we believe they offer exceptional long term value or growth.

We approach real estate investment advisory in a way which is very similar to a fund manager.

We partner with our clients their journey and offer them the ongoing support, advice and review services they need to ensure their portfolio drives the required results.

We are 100% client engaged. That means clients pay us to act on their behalf and to cut through all the hype and hyperbole often found in a vendor driven market. We do not take commissions or referral fees other than to rebate back to clients to lower the cost of our advice or their acquisition costs.

We utilise our own teams on the ground in our identified target markets so that we seamlessly help clients make an informed investment decision and reduce their risks. We conduct all the necessary due diligence, inspections and valuation analysis. We then help clients negotiate the most suitable terms for acquisition. We also partner with quality management companies to help them manage the day to day requirements of owning an investment property.

Once an investment property is acquired we then review the performance of the property portfolio at agreed intervals to ensure that you are maximising rents and benefiting from any potential value add opportunities that may be present. If required, we’ll also facilitate any portfolio restructures that may be needed to better position your portfolio for enhanced growth in income or capital appreciation.

Don’t leave your real estate investing to luck any further. Put the odds in your favour. Contact United Global Capital on 03 8657 7640 or email for a No Cost, No Obligation consultation and learn how you can take advantage of a world of opportunity and get where you want to be, today.