A global property portfolio that will provide immediate and ongoing returns.

Build a global property portfolio that will position you for the best chance of achieving immediate and ongoing success.

UGC Global Property is the property advisory division of United Global Capital, and is guided by the same successful investment principles of Quality, Value and Trend.

UGC Global Property offers access to two core investment opportunities in the property sector. UGC Global Property’s services are designed to help our clients acquire quality investment properties via our Buyers Advocacy and Vendor Advocacy services.


Our Property Philosophy
At United Global Capital, we’ve developed our proprietary investment selection criteria around our core principles of Quality, Value and Trend, to identify properties that have the best characteristics for achieving sustained long-term capital appreciation.

Every property investment we recommend should provide clear and identifiable catalysts for short, medium and long-term capital appreciation and help expedite the compounding effect on your wealth creation. At UGC we favour direct property ownership for property investors, as it allows for a range of value add opportunities: renovations, refurbishments, sub-divisions, development as well as maximising tax effectiveness and refinancing opportunities.
Property Investment Process
UGC Global Property undertakes extensive research and analysis to identify quality investment opportunities. We are a property investment advisor that strives to identify high-quality properties with exceptional potential for investment growth.

We partner with our clients on their journey, offering ongoing support, advice and review services to ensure that your portfolio gets the best results.

If you are looking for a property advisory firm that will stay completely engaged, UGC Global Property is here to help. We don’t take commissions or referral fees, other than rebates that lower the cost to our clients overall.
US Property Advocacy
While many private investors only ever consider their local market, global property investment can offer significant returns when used appropriately. The United States offers a rare opportunity for patient investors, with its real estate providing strong income returns and significant growth opportunities.

UGC has been active in the US property market since 2012. Our proven process and extensive network of US-based professionals will allow you to successfully capitalise on quality overseas property to help you achieve your financial objectives.
Australian Property Advocacy
For those wanting to keep their property investment local, we use years of market experience and in-depth research to find properties that meet our quality, value and trend criteria.

We hold our own real estate licences in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland, and we’re constantly scanning the rest of Australia for opportunities. No matter where you are located or where the best property investment opportunities present themselves, UGC Global Property can help you build your high-performance property portfolio and accelerate your wealth creation.
Property Advisors You Can Trust
For a property investment advisor that will help you every step of the way, choose UGC Global Property.