Superior Financial Outcomes From The Wealth Management Specialists

We partner with you to manage, advise, facilitate and execute all aspects of your financial strategy.
Bringing global reach to a local market.

Whether you are embarking on your wealth accumulation strategy, have commenced your strategy and require further refinement, or if you are transitioning to the wealth management phase of your life, we add value to our clients by identifying tax effective, cost efficient and risk considered financial and investment structures and strategies.



Our private wealth advisors will work with you to craft a strategy that ensures all aspects of your financial position are carefully analysed and appropriately advised.


Our securities offering combines principles and techniques from some of the world’s most successful investors into one comprehensive management strategy.


We’re industry leaders when it comes to finding real estate opportunities, as well as ensuring that your investments are sound and based on expert advice.


We’ll help you design your own investment strategy, from identifying the best opportunities in local and global markets to selecting property managers.


Access to some of the world’s best-performing investment strategies, usually reserved for professional investors and the super-rich.


Let UGC guide you through the design and implementation of wealth creation plan and investment strategy that suits your needs and objectives.

A New Dawn In Wealth Management

We develop and implement innovative yet considered financial and investment strategies for our clients with the aim of increasing their wealth by delivering consistent, market-leading financial outcomes.


We’re based in Melbourne but our investment reach – be it property, securities or wealth management – is truly global.

Tell us where you want to be and we’ll help you plot the best course to get there.

Free Financial Assessment

Ready to take control of your financial future? Book your Free Financial Assessment today. During this 15-minute call, one of our Financial Adviser Associates will evaluate your personal financial position and determine the next actions and steps appropriate for your personal goals.

The Investor Exchange

Listen to Joel and the team discuss timely and important news related to financial markets, property, personal wealth, politics and economy.


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