Financial Future

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If you’re like most people I know you didn’t grow up wanting to become a financial analyst or investment analyst, to read stock charts, demographic, census, or economic data. Study cash flow statements, profit and loss statements or balance sheets or conduct detailed research and analysis looking at numbers behind a desk all day.

Most likely you have a superannuation fund, or many superannuation funds all over the place, or you received an inheritance, an insurance payment or compensation payment, or you bought a property you lived in and kept it, or you have just been given a promotion at work, or your children have just entered school, and you’ve just realized that you don’t have any plan to retire and certainly you don’t have enough money to retire.

You have probably focused on getting yourself established, getting your family established, getting your career established, and because of a conversation at work, at a friends or family members barbeque, you’ve started to become concerned about the fact that time is ticking and if you don’t start doing something, before you know it, you won’t have enough time to build enough wealth for retirement, let alone retire early.

Right now, you are looking at the very real prospect of working deep into your 70’s, or worse, living a life of subsistence on the age pension… if it’s even around by then.

You’ve looked around and realised that everyone else, except you, seem to be doing things that you’re not. They’re investing in real estate, buying shares and starting a share portfolio, setting up self-managed superannuation funds, starting businesses, and the reality hits you… you don’t even know where to start.

Maybe you should see a financial planner… but aren’t all financial planner’s crooks? Aren’t they just sales people pushing bank products and selling life insurance?

You think about asking your accountant, but all he talks about is negative gearing into property. You wonder how you are supposed to get rich when negative gearing is all about losing money and claiming the loss as a tax deduction?

Maybe you should speak with a property investment adviser… but don’t they just sell off-the-plan properties and get huge undisclosed commissions from the developers? How can they have my best interests at heart if the developer pays them?

What about a stockbroker? Nah… I here shares are too risky, you could lose everything. What if another Global Financial Crisis happens? And besides, aren’t brokers just the same as “property advisers” earning commissions from companies who want to sell shares? I’m sure I heard someone say, “get a broker if you want to get broker!!”

It’s hard. You have a full-time job to hold down or career you are building. Your partner or spouse probably works part-time or full time as well. You must take your children to school during the week and pick them up and run them to sport or dancing during the week nights and weekends.

How on earth are you going to manage all of these demands, and become a top-quality investor who doesn’t make the wrong decisions and undoes all that hard work you’ve already done to get where you are today?

When I started my career as a financial adviser over 15 years ago and began managing other people’s affairs and my own financial affairs, I quickly realized the stresses ordinary people face every day.

And probably unlike you, I did go to university to study how to be a top-quality investor. But I quickly found out that even with that expensive top-notch education from one of the country’s most prestigious universities, I was clueless, and that the degree I received wasn’t worth the paper it was written on.

And then about 11 years ago I realized just how little I did know…

It was July 2007, just 3 months before the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) was to begin.

Between October 2007 and March 2009, most stock markets around the world declined by more than 50% and many real estate markets fell by as much as 30% or more.

I’ll never forget that feeling of not being entirely sure of actions I should take or the decisions I should be making. Events were unfolding so quickly it was frightening. And although myself and the firm I worked for at the time made some well-considered decisions, there was no doubt that a whole lot of good fortune also played a part.

I never wanted to feel so unprepared again.

Today, 10 years later, having studied the methods and strategies of the world’s most consistent out-performers in both real estate and financial markets, my clients are employing powerful and systemised investment and financial strategies that are usually reserved for only the most sophisticated and wealthiest investors.

How do we do this?

First, I ignored the ‘old way’ of doing things – using managed funds, stockbroker analyst reports and focusing just on Australian investments – and adopted a new way. A disciplined, systemised, risk management focused and globally aware investment selection and portfolio management approach.

Second, I build in multiple layers of defense into every client’s investment and financial strategy.

Third, each client undergoes a deep and thorough education phase so that they understand the methods being employed and the reasons why these methods are so valuable and critical to their long-term success.

Last year our financial markets strategy delivered returns ranging between 26% – 32% after all fees, versus the ASX total return of just 11.8%.

Our absolute return strategy delivered returns of 40%+ per annum for the past 2 years, while our Co-Developer Strategy is on track to deliver 30%+ returns for the past 2 years.

If all you are doing is what everyone else is doing, then by definition, you will only ever get average results.

So if you’re looking for practical advice that can actually help you grow your wealth and serve your goals then you’re in the right place.

Step one is to watch this free training I’ve prepared to show you the simple 4 step process I us to help clients grow their wealth year on year.

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