Episode 70: Are banks the best place for loans and debt financing?

Dec 6, 2019 | Podcast Episodes

This week, special guest star Marshall Condon, co-founder of Wefund, gives us an insight into the world of loans and debt financing. We get a first-hand insight into the different types of loans and debt financing are available in the market and also an understanding of what to do when banks say no. Joel then gives us insight on where he sees the share market heading in the near future with both the ASX 200 and S&P 200 breaking out into all-time highs. Brett continues to speak on his findings regarding the recovery of the Australian Residential Real Estate market. Louis expands on the topic of biases and how it causes people to make risky investment decisions.

This Week’s Investor Exchange Round Table Covered:

The podcast beings with a discussion of Marshall’s journey to becoming the co-founder of Wefund. Marshall began his finance career at the mere age of 18 with a vision of becoming the next Tom Piotrowski. Since then he has progressed his career from mortgage broking, banking and even running his own debt advisory and broking business.

  • Loans and financing: Many people after getting turned away by banks don’t know where to go or who to go to for financing. Recent regulations have made it even harder for businesses and home buyers to take loans from banks. Marshall Condon, founder of an online non-bank property & development finance Wefund gives us an insight on what accredited non-bank lenders mean for your loans vs getting a bank loan. He also expands on how his platform allows property developers to access appropriate and trustworthy lenders through transparency in rates an risks for a better return on equity.
  • Share market update: Cash balances in money markets have reached levels higher than what we saw in the 2009 Global Financial Crisis. We are also seeing new all-time highs with both the ASX 200 and the S&P 200. What does that mean for us share market investors? Is this a good time to invest in equities? Joel gives us his predictions based on trends that he has seen in the past during similar conditions.
  • Australian Property Market: Brett brings with him this week November data extracted from CoreLogic reports. CoreLogic claims that the Australian housing markets is now 5 months into its recovery and the nation index has recorded an average national increase in dwelling prices by 1.7%. Brett breaks down why these metrics may be flawed and what to take into account if you are in the market to buy.
  • Behavioral Finance: Louis expands on the topic of biases and hindsight and how it may lead you down a bad financial path. What is the science behind why people lose big in the share market? Louis discusses the ways emotions and social influence play into creating the your biases during decision making and gives you some insight on what experts in the financial markets do to protect themselves against making rash and risky decisions.

You Cannot Be Serious:

  • The Tesla Cybertruck’s “indestructible” windows shattered not only once but twice during an official demonstration when hit with a steel ball.
  • A lady in Michigan found out that she had won $5.5m on a lottery ticket while scrolling through her Facebook newsfeed.
  • A new species of electric eels are being used in a Zoo in Tennessee to power their Christmas lights.

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