Episode 7: What’s an Apple Worth?

Aug 6, 2018 | Podcast Episodes

Episode 7 of The Investor Exchange

Among the topics discussed today are the world’s most expensive company, what to do with an inheritance what to make of the noise in the media surrounding property values.  Listen in and enjoy.

An Apology

First up listeners an apology from the team.  A mixture of travel and work commitments limited our ability to record an episode last week.  We apologise and will make it up to you by packing in more valuable insights, education and humor in the coming episodes.

Apple is worth $1 Trillion!

Apple has become the first company to ever be worth a Trillion Dollars, that’s a thousand billion, with 12 zeros!  After releasing the iPod in 2001, iTunes in 2003, and then the iPhone 2007 this company has become a juggernaut with a loyal following. The team discuss the company, how it has grown and what we can learn from it. The 2nd biggest company – Amazon (1:20)
Another Milestone recently with Japan overtaking China in becoming the 2nd biggest stock market behind the United States. (11:30)

Worlds Biggest Stock Markets

Another Milestone recently with Japan overtaking China in becoming the 2nd biggest stock market behind the United States. The Japanese stock exchange is worth $6.9 Trillion, nearly 7 x Apple’s value. (11:30)

Our Investor Exchange Round Table Discussion Covered:

  • What should you do when you receive an inheritance?
    Louis talks about the financial decisions people make when they come into a financial windfall and the impact those decisions can have, it’s not all good. (15:20)
  • Should I believe the media noise about property?
    Brett discusses home loan interest rates, Westpac’s decision to cease lending to SMSF’s buying property and the current data on property values – it’s not the property crash the media are wanting us to believe. (27:40)
  • Are we heading for a stock market melt up?
    Joel provided an indication that the US Stock Market is potentially entering the melt up phase of the current Bull Market. This could create significant opportunities for investors in the next 12-18 months.(42:35)

You Cannot Be Serious this week:

  • Louis expressed concern for a Rugby Umpire who received death threats after the World Cup and decided to retire (46:40)
  • How to avoid tax – Brett tells the tale of an Australian Women who has failed to lodge 91 Tax Returns (YCBS!) (48:10)

Event Links:

Property Seminar – Melbourne, August 16

Stock Market Seminar – Melbourne, August 21

Listener Questions:

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