Episode 43: The Slowing Decline In Australia’s Property Market

May 7, 2019 | Podcast Episodes

Recent Core Logic data shows the Australian property market declines are stabilising. With Melbourne roughly 11% down from its 2017 peak and Sydney 14.5 % down; however, the rate of decline has virtually stopped, which could indicate the market is near its bottom.

It’s a hard prediction to make with many people sitting on the property sidelines as we wait for the upcoming election to pass. There shouldn’t be too many surprises in the housing marketing with the election promises that have been made, and the commentary coming from banks and real estate professionals, so we expect a reasonably quiet period until the election has run its race.

A good sign is the data and housing values show clearance rates have been quite strong over the past few weeks. This means the market is reasonably balanced and we predict it will stay balanced following the election, as sellers are likely to wait for more buyers to enter the market and conversely buyers may wait for more sellers to enter the market so they have more options. Listen in for more of our insights on the property market in the upcoming weeks.

This Week’s Investor Exchange Round Table Covered:

  • Is rent money truly dead money? Earnst and Young research shows that in Sydney, 62% of people would have fared better investing capital in other assets than in home ownership over the years of 1994-2017. Nonetheless, the findings are a bit conflicting. Listen in now for more information. (14:30)
  • Is Warren Buffet losing his touch? Controversial we know! In the past 54 years of Buffet being an investor, he has trounced the returns on the broader market. However, in the last 10 years, Buffet’s performance in the stock market has lagged. Listen in for Joel’s thoughts on recent performance. (19:01)
  • Louis explains the philosophy behind the criteria behind making a decision, in relation to physical and visual cues. Tune in for his take on using these criteria to get the best position possible, to help improve your financial position. (34:40)

You Cannot Be Serious:

An American decided he was going to sink nothing but beer during lent, and along the way, he said he found the best weight loss program. Drinking 2-5 beers per day, he lost 20 KG! Please note: we do not recommend this!

Another American founded “Rage Yoga”, saying it is a safe place to let go of rage and frustration in a healthy way. Halfway through the session of yelling out whatever is frustrating you, they take a break for beers!

Listener Questions:

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