Episode 103: Warning Signs Begin To Flash After A Historic Run In The Stock Market.

Aug 28, 2020 | Global Economy, Podcast Episodes

In this week’s podcast, Joel, Brett and Louis open the conversation with a discussion on the latest Victorian lockdown rumors. As we are seeing a historic run within the market, investors seem to be optimistic, however this may not last long. Joel brings with him important information on what the underlying data says about the market direction.

This Week’s Investor Exchange Round Table Covered:

    • How To Keep Positive Mindset: Louis tells us about the impact of mindset on our ability to communicate, function and learn new things. He further shares his philosophy and how it is important to find out what our purpose is to give us fulfillment.
    • Stock Market Update: The stock market has started showing warning signs, whereas the medium-term and long-term stock market seem to be positive, all these signs might be a cause for short-term concern. Joel further informs us how to make a profit from a market correction.
    • Employment Rate: Brett provides us a list of major projects around Australia that will potentially stimulate to help our recovery with the job market and kick start Australia’s economy.


Listener Questions:

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Episode 114: Have The Markets Reacted To a COVID-19 Normal World?

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