The importance of binding nominations in estate planning

It’s a common misconception that superannuation automatically transfers to the super fund owner’s estate upon their death.  This isn’t the case. Instead, it is up to the trustee of the fund to pay the death benefit in accordance with the fund’s governing rules and relevant law. This situation might be appropriate for you, for example,
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tree-change housing affordability

Could a tree-change work for you?

Cleaner air, less traffic, open spaces, lower cost of living…did we mention less traffic? There are any number of reasons to consider a tree change, but if you’re serious about leaving the bright lights behind, better do your homework first. Housing affordability Buying a home is more affordable in the country, and that goes for
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property investments

Why Property Investments In Capital Cities Perform Better Than In Regional Areas

As a property investor means it’s important to be familiar with real estate trends across the country. Interest rates and the economy as a whole can have broad effects across the nation, but local conditions can influence how property investments perform from suburb to suburb and town to town.