What We Do

As a client of United Global Capital, we partner with you to mentor, educate, project manage, advise and facilitate all aspects of your individually tailored financial strategy. Irrespective of whether you are embarking on your wealth accumulation strategy for the first time, have commenced your strategy and require further refinement or are moving into or have already progressed to the wealth management phase of your life, we add value to our clients by identifying tax effective, cost efficient and risk considered financial and investment structures and strategies. In doing, so our clients learn the skills and knowledge required to become a global investor and trader in direct Australian and international property, equities, derivatives, foreign currencies, commodities, fixed interest and cash investments. We add value by:

  • Facilitating direct investment and trading opportunities across all asset classes including global derivatives, direct property, equities, commodities, foreign exchange, fixed interest, cash and alternative investments.
  • Reducing overall fees by focusing on direct investment in all major asset classes. In doing so, we remove the burden of multiple layers of fees retail investors often face. Most advisory firms and their advisers, lack the sophistication, experience, institutional or strategic relationships to deliver direct investment opportunities to their clients in markets located around the globe. We consolidate the role of your adviser, broker, fund manager and administrator all into one service to deliver a simpler, efficient and more cost effective advisory service.
  • Tailoring the advice to your needs, not the needs of thousands of investors.
  • Increasing the investment opportunities available to clients. As a client you will be able to immediately benefit from our experience and expertise in opening up traditionally hard to access investment markets and global trends. You will benefit from profitable long term trends in technology, global food, commodities and natural resources, alternative energy, alternative investments, emerging markets as well as Australian and international direct property and much, much more.
  • Designing a holistic strategy that is specifically tailored to your needs, circumstances, capacity for investment and tolerance for risk. Our strategies consider all aspects of the advice spectrum from wealth creation, wealth protection, tax planning and structuring, retirement planning, business advisory, business succession, superannuation and smsfs, estate planning and the appropriate use of leverage.
  • Continually looking to challenge industry norms. As a client of United Global Capital, you will benefit from our desire to look for innovative, advanced and unconventional solutions to deliver outperformance. Our belief is that sometimes the most complex of problems simply requires an approach from a different perspective.
  • Continually educating our clients on new developments in investment markets, financial strategies, and the ever changing taxation, legislative and economic environment through our seminars, master classes, newsletters and client communications.
  • Removing barriers which have previously prevented you from achieving your financial aspirations.