Episode 117. Where Do We Stand On A Long Winding Road To A Tumultuous Year?

Our last year’s episode commences with a discussion on a report regarding the Australian Retirement System and the Three Pillars of Australia’s entire retirement system, which was compiled by a group of independent experts and commissioned by the Government. Following that Joel provides an update on the Share market and how the market performance over the past couple of months has been relatively benign. Finally, Brett tells us about South-East Queensland Residential Property Market and how Brisbane continues to be an attractive option for prospective buyers despite rising median prices.

This Week’s Investor Exchange Round Table Covered:

  • Three Pillars of the Retirement System: In our first segment, Louis talks about a report put together by a group of independent experts, commissioned by the Government itself highlighting the Three Pillars of the Retirement System: Age Pension, compulsory Superannuation Payment System, and Voluntary savings made by the people. He further talks about the purpose of analysing this system and the findings of this report.
  • Stock Market Update: In our second segment, Joel provides an update on the market and how it’s been performing over the last couple of months. He further talks about how stocks break out and instead growing higher, they are showing signs of a more consistent sideways move. He further talks about a research report by Kelly Cox and how it states that this year has been the most consistently positive year in history despite the pandemic and its effects.
  • Property market Update: In our final segment, Brett talks about the South-East Queensland Residential Property Market and how Brisbane’s median house price has risen over the year and will continue to be an attractive opportunity for prospective buyers given the discrepancies between Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane’s median house prices.

Listener Questions:

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