Episode 116. Investment Tips As Australia Emerges Out Of Recession

Steph, Joel, Louis, and Brett kick off the podcast with a discussion on the ways that we interact with work colleagues as offices are now allowed to have 25% of the total staff back in the office in accordance with the Victorian rules. Brett tells us about the Australian dwelling sizes and the current trends for apartments and house sizes. Following that, Louis tells us about what high-net-worth investors do and the type of assets and investments they hold. Lastly, Joel provides us with an update on the stock market and Australia’s recent recovery in the midst of COVID-19.

This Week’s Investor Exchange Round Table Covered:

  • Dwelling Sizes: Brett starts off by informing us of the Australian dwelling sizes which is the biggest in the world and the recent trend which is indicative of a shift from investor style to owner occupier and the factors leading to it.
  • High Net Worth Investors: Louis gives an insight into what high-net-worth investors actually do, the types of assets and investments they hold and the factors that differentiate them from the average ordinary investor.
  • Stock Market Update: In our final segment, Joel provides an update on the current sentiments prevailing in the stock market and how Australia is officially out of recession and on its way to economic recovery.

Listener Questions:

Write in to get your investment and wealth management questions answered by Joel, Brett, and Louis.

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