Episode 108: Important Tips When Purchasing A New Home.

This week’s episode starts off with a discussion on the first Presidential debate in the United States and Jenny Mikakos leaving the office in Victoria following the Hotel Quarantine debacle and investigation. Furthermore, the group deliberated on the restrictions put in place to prevent the spread of Coronavirus and what steps could have been taken to prevent this situation. Brett sheds light on what and how long it takes for people to enter the property market and save for their first deposit. Louis expands on a topic addressed in the last week’s episode which is the magic number for retirement and what you can do to work towards it.

This Week’s Investor Exchange Round Table Covered:

    • Property Market Update: Entering the property market is considerably cheaper now than it was 10 years ago regarding the cost of ownership. Brett provides a breakdown of data explaining how long it would take for individuals to save up the deposit for entering the market and gives first home buyers advice on what to look out for.
    • Magic number of retirement: Louis talks about the ideal age for retirement for people and what they can do to get there. He talks about the importance of financial planning with regards to assets, super funds and other key factors and the pivotal role they play in setting and achieving the investment returns that can allow you to retire in peace.

Listener Questions:

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