Episode 86: Risks and Return on Investing In The Current Market.

This week we release a fourth “Social Distance” episode where Joel, Louis and Brett remotely dial in to this podcast. As we are seeing signs of stock market recovery we are also bracing ourselves for further economic decline as a result of the Coronavirus control measures. In this episode, we will review how and why we think this market have significant opportunities.

This Week’s Investor Exchange Round Table Covered:

  • Share Market Investment: Traditionally the stock market sees two major declines before it begins to rally and recover. We here at the Investor Exchange Podcast have gathered valuable statistics and give you our take on whether the stock market now will follow history. Joel also gives you an insight to what kind of stocks his personal investment team is finding opportunity in during this volatile environment.
  • Property Investment: Now that auctions can’t take place in person, we are seeing a stark decline in the volume of transactions in the residential real estate market. Brett brings with you the great announcement from the Reserve Bank of Australia in regards to price changes in the coming months. Furthermore, we delve into the recent announcement of major infrastructure projects that may bring more jobs back into the economy.
  • Personal Finance: Many potential investors are reluctant to invest until a high level of uncertainty is removed from their personal finance situation. Louis discusses why these investors may be missing out opportunities to improve personal finances as a results He also gives you a take on how beginning your investment journey right now could put you ahead of the curve.

You Cannot Be Serious

Doggie Depression – Animal psychologists warns us that we are going to have a pandemic of dogs with separation anxiety once stay at home measures have been relaxed.

Government Advice – The officials of Malaysia have started to distribute posters on how women can help households to maintain a happy environment.

Skatepark Sharks – In California a local skatepark has been covered with sand in order to prevent skaters from going to the skate parks. However, dirt bikers have taken this opportunity to play with the sand.

Listener Questions:

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