Episode 84: As Job Conditions Worsen, Are We Heading For A Great Depression 2.0?

This week we release a second “Social Distance” episode where Joel, Steph, Louis and Brett remotely dial in to this podcast. In this podcast, we open with a discussion on the latest JobKeeper and JobSeeker stimulus package and the impact it will have on Australian Government debt. As we navigate volatile market sell offs seeing the worst drop to average around 40% intraday Joel  advice on the right time yo re-enter the market. Social distancing measures has affected transaction volume in the property market, Brett provides guidance around selling and buying a property in this current market.

This Week’s Investor Exchange Round Table Covered:

  • Australian Government Debt: Management of government debt is one of the most important measures in ensuring resources are available to fund economic growth. As $213 billion worth of economic stimulus has been announced, it brings to question how it will affect government debt levels.
  • U Shape or V Shape Stock Market Recovery: As stock prices continue to fall, the temptation to purchase “discounted” stocks have become prevalent amongst investors. In this segment, we answer many pressing investor queries such as; When would it be most sensible to re-enter the stock market, What are some of the rationales to look at when screening potential candidates?
  • Social Distancing Effect On Real Estate: As social distancing measures are enforced in auctions and open homes, we anticipate an overall decline in transaction volume. Brett runs down what the current situation for auction clearances in Australia as well as the effect current economic and social measures will have on house prices n the future.

You Cannot Be Serious

Divorce Rate Spikes – Social Isolation has forced couples to spend extended time in each other’s company which has in turn resulted in a large spike in divorce rates.

Medical Advice Against Coupling Up – As Coronavirus numbers peak in the UK, the government is advising couples to either shack up or spend extended amounts of time without each other’s company as they continue to enforce spread prevention measures.

Coronavirus and 5G Internet? – There has been a recent conspiracy theory that claims 5G internet is the causing Coronavirus as human tissues reject it’s high frequencies.

Zoom Bombing Trend – As social distancing prompt the widespread use of Zoom, the trend of “Zoom Bombing” has begun to emerge. People using zoom conferences around the world are noticing unwanted participants in their meetings and the FBI has since warned that Zoom meetings pose cybersecurity threat.

Listener Questions:

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