Episode 83: Billions in Economic Stimulus Announced. What Does This Mean For You?

This week we release a special “Social Distance” episode where Joel, Steph, Louis and Brett remotely dial in to this podcast. We bring you more information on how we can navigate these uncertain times. In this podcast we address the most recent update on market conditions, deep dive into the most recent stimulus announcement as well as outlook on the property market.

This Week’s Investor Exchange Round Table Covered:

  • Have we reached a bottom?: In this past week we have seen some strength in the market as the major indexes began to slowly rally. Joel brings us evidence from past stock market declines and a hypothesis on whether we have hit a bottom in the market.
  • The Ins and Outs of the Stimulus Package: There has been an announcement of the $130B in Australia eligible for those who are suffering from economic damage from the Coronavirus. Louis breaks down how we can be eligible to claim benefits such as $550 Jobseeker supplement, $10,000 temporary early release of superannuation as well as the $1500 per fortnight Jobkeeper payments. Furthermore, he gives us some tips on how to navigate your finances during this uncertain period of time.
  • Property Market Update: Brett discusses the biggest effects he sees for the property market In the short term. In this era of social distancing we are now experiencing restrictions put in place for auctions and open homes which may begin to deter eligible buyers from purchasing a property in the near term. Furthermore, the lowering of cash rates to a record low of 0.25% may significantly impact those who are getting a mortgage loan as well as those looking to refinance.

You Cannot Be Serious

  • The Jedi Minister: As streaming becomes mainstream, a minister in Italy have decided to stream his mass online. He however did not realise that electronic filters were left on his webcam which had transformed him into characters in star wars and the blues brothers throughout his livestream.
  • Pantry Rules: A mother has decided to post rules in the pantry for her children during social isolation one of which includes the banning of the consumption of her Cadbury eggs
  • Sports Betting Alternatives: Big corporate book makers are now offering sports wager alternatives. This includes wagers on weather, price of oil, stock price of carnival cruise line as well as Donald Trump’s tweet count for the day.

Listener Questions:

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