Episode 78: Will Brisbane’s bid for the 2032 Olympics boost property prices?

This week, Joel, Brett, Louis and Steph returns to the podcast and discusses recent headlines such as the death of Holden, the First Home Loan Deposit Scheme, as well as the Brisbane 2032 Olympic Bid. Louis continues on the topic of the personal and professional development techniques that will help you secure your long term life goals.

This Week’s Investor Exchange Round Table Covered:

  • A new winner emerges: It has recently become apparent that the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) has been dethroned as ASX200’s largest company. The biotechnology company CSL Limited is now the biggest company in the ASX200 with a total representation of 8.5%, CBA currently sits at 8.03%. Joel gives us a brief overview of CSL as a company, their history in the ASX and what the returns they have generated for investors.
  • 2032 Brisbane Olympics: There is a general hypothesis that the host country for the Olympic games experience a short-term growth in the real estate market. Brett dissects this claim through an analysis of official statistic and  he also provides an assessment of Brisbane’s potential growth if they did secured the 2032 bid for the Olympic games.
  • Technique of Reflection: In the previous podcast, Louis has outlined the importance of career development in contributing to your long term financial outcome. This week, he brings with him the three frames of mind that needs to come together when assessing personal productivity.

You Cannot Be Serious

Cassette Coincidence:  A teenager lost her cassette tape when she was on a holiday from the UK to Spain 25 years ago. During that time the cassette has washed up on one of the beaches in Stockholm and picked up by an art collector. During a holiday to Stockholm recently, now an adult, she found the cassette in an art gallery during her travels!

Bathroom Survey: A bathroom company called QS supplier conducted a survey of around 100 people about their secret bathroom shenanigans. Listen in to find out the dirty secrets revealed from this survey.

Socialism?: Bernie Sanders is now a raging favourite in the US presidential race with a 50% chance of winning the democratic election. His supporters have now come up with the slogan “Make Socialism Great Again”.

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