Episode 72: Bull Market or Bear Market? What we expect to see in 2020.

This week, Joel, Brett and Louis gives us a 2019 review on major political events, government financial initiatives, stock market movers and residential real estate statistics. Some events that are covered include the US-China phase 1 trade deal, Brexit, major bank fines as well as tax revenues by the ATO.

This Week’s Investor Exchange Round Table Covered:

Major Political Updates

The big bank fail: We saw in the recent months that regulators have tightened their reigns by holding Westpac responsible for illegal transactions and inappropriate advice. This week NAB is making headlines for potentially seeing a $10 billion fine for charging fees for no service, including accounts of deceased individuals. Following the scandal, we have receive news from the RBA head of financial stability that there are new technology disruptions that pose significant threats to banks’ power over consumers.

Federal Government Economic Update: Surpluses for the Federal Government has downgraded from $7.1b to $5b, noted from the recent mid-year economic update release. Major contributors included droughts, additional age care expenditures as well as an overall sluggish retail environment. However, we are seeing additional tax income from major technology companies such as Google, Facebook, Apple and Microsoft as the ATO has increased tax pressure that will require these companies to act in a way that ensures that their Australian business activities benefits the Australian economy when it comes to paying taxes.

Financial Market and Real Estate 2019 Review and 2020 Predictions

Stock Market Movers: What are the biggest movements in 2019 within the stock market? Joel gives us a rare insight into popular stock movements which includes Marijuana, Tesla and Beyond Meat. Listen in to find out what the most profitable trade of 2019 is within the global financial markets and if we expect to see a bull market or a bear market coming into 2020.

Real Estate Price Prediction: Brett gives us a rundown on which capital city may see the most growth and what we can expect price movements to be within the Australian residential real estate market in 2020.

Consumer Sentiment: Louis brings with him his predictions on what we should see for wages and consumer confidence in 2020.

Peak Finance and Peak Performance

Get the most out of yourself: Louis expands on his topic psychology and discusses how we prepare ourselves to reach our peak performance. He also speaks about the benefits of the new Silicon Valley theory of “Dopamine Fasting” in increasing attention span and mental health.

You cannot be serious

A popular adult website has recorded 6.38 million hours of newly uploaded video content in 2019.

In Perth a man has successfully roasted a 1.5kg slap of pork in his old Datsun Car by leaving it in for 10 hours.

Too lazy to decorate? You can now hire someone to come in and decorate your Christmas tree over Christmas!

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