Episode 69: The Art of Stock Picking. Are Facebook Stocks on the Rise Again?

This Week’s Investor Exchange Round Table Covered:

This week, Joel brings with him rare insights on the stock screening and analysis methods he consistently employ within the stock market that has enabled him to outperform the market for 6 years in a row. Brett provides us with information where he sees the highest growth within the Australian Real Estate Market and what the 2019-2020 Federal Budget to signifies for South East Queensland. Louis introduces the idea of being Above The Line and Below The Line and how understanding this theory will help you in your work life, personal relationships and personal growth.

The podcast begins with a discussion about International Men’s Day. Life expectancy survey published by the Australian Bureau of Statistics has detailed that men’s life expectancy is lower than women’s. Women’s life expectancy have been proven to increase after childbirth. Given this information Joel, Brett and Louis engages in light-hearted and comedic banter sparked by this interesting and controversial topic.

  • Share Market Update: Joel opens with details of the latest Westpac banking controversies. Banking transaction regulating body Austrac has accused Westpac of having more than 23 million breaches of anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism finance laws that involved $11 billion, this also included transfers that were potentially linked to child exploitation. Furthermore, Joel gives us his detailed knowledge on the methods he used to pick stocks that have outperformed the market more than 6 years in a row. He breaks down his explanation by utilizing Facebook as an example of a recent recommendation made to investors. Amidst all  the controversies and scandals of Facebook, Joel gives us a run down on what fundamental, technical and qualitative analysis really show.
  • Property Update: Brett brings in more information about the growth prospects within the residential real estate market. He brings with him research by Domain and discusses at which price point the residential real estate market is experiencing the steepest growth and deepest declines time and time again. This year, this particularly category of housing has seen a surge in average price level by 9.8% in Melbourne and 8.2% in Sydney. This leads into the topic of the 2019-2020 federal budget and how the government infrastructure plan will affect demand levels for housing in the South East Queensland residential market.
  • Above The Line vs Below The Line: Louis takes us through the psychological theory of acting above the line vs acting below the line in life. He delves deeply into the concept of being responsible for your action vs blaming the situation than you are in and how it affects your workplace, finances, relationship and even your health and fitness.

You Cannot Be Serious:

  • Drug dealers have taken a hit to their business as wild boars had found their stash and ate it all.
  • One gentlemen in a doctor’s appointment found marijuana that were in stuck in his nose for 18 long years.
  • A University in the Netherlands have encouraged their students to take a mindfulness session in grave that they have dug out. It was rumoured that the students were dying to get in.

Listener Questions:

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