Episode 68: How this Chinese company grossed $38 Billion in one day during the US-China trade war.

This week, Brett returns to the podcast from a 2 week holiday with two “crystal balls” that gives us research backed insight into the future of the Australian Real Estate market. Joel discusses the economic significance of “Singles’ Day” and how it helped one company gross in a record 38 billion dollars in just one day. Louis continues on his topic of mindset and how to use that to your advantage and be the master of your career.

This Week’s Investor Exchange Round Table Covered:

The podcast begins with a discussion around bushfire initiatives. Airbnb has opened a platform for users to offer their homes to those who are affected by bushfires. Over 350 Australians have jumped on board and shown us the true Aussie spirit of community.

  • Real Estate Update: Is the real estate market going to have a steady recovery or will there be a boom? Brett brings with him two real estate research pieces by SQM and ME Bank that will give you some insight into what future holds. SQM outline four real life scenarios that speculates the likely market performance in Australian capital cities. In the best scenario, the total residential market should grow around 7-11% with Melbourne and Sydney exceeding their peaks from two years ago. ME Bank conducted a consumer sentiment survey that outlines what people are speculating about market performance. Out of 1000 responses, approximately 50% expect the market to rise, 30% to remain unchanged, 17% to drop and the rest unclear about what the future holds.
  • How this company made $38B in One Day: In 1993 “Singles’ Day” became a phenomenon that spread throughout China by a group of students at Nanjing University. Fast-forward to 2019, “Single’s Day” represents one of the biggest shopping days of the year, with one particular company making a staggering $38B in one day with the first $12B made within the first hour. This outperforms the yearly revenue figures of some of the world’s biggest companies; McDonalds($20B), Coca-Cola ($33B), Rio-Tinto ($38B) and Commonwealth Bank ($15.5B). Tune in to find out which company was responsible for this huge achievement.
  • Big Picture Thinkers VS Detailed Oriented Thinkers: . In what ways can you incorporate the traits of “Big Picture Thinkers” and “Detailed Oriented Thinkers” to ensure the most desirable outcomes? Louis deep dives into the value of introspection and understanding what areas you can work on to be more successful in your career and in life. READ MORE: https://ugc.net.au/blog/2019/11/22/creating-partnerships-with-big-picture-and-detail-oriented-thinking/ 

You Cannot Be Serious:

  • Are men funnier than women? Tell us what you think by writing in https://theinvestorexchange.com.au/ask/.
  • A lady was hit by a car on her electric scooter right after she gave an interview that outlines how to ride electric scooters in a safe way.
  • What are the most amazing real jobs on the planet? A Baby Name Consultant, Stand-in Bridesmaid or even potentially a Chief Biscuit Dunker?

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