Episode 65: The break in the IPO market

This week Joel, Brett and Louis discuss the continual break in the Initial Public Offering (IPO) market. Recently KKR group tried to bring another company to Australia but failed. Other failures include Retail Zoo, Betty’s Burger and Boost Juice. What happened is the brokers acting for the sellers have not been able to find enough interest at the price the vendors were looking for. The valuations seem to be priced too high, burning potential investors.

Zoom and Beyond Meat were priced at 80 times the sales. The stocks are now down 35% over the last few months, a good thing for sustainable cheaper shares.

Joel shared the latest statistical update on the top 1% of the wealthy population. the top 1% have continued to get wealthier. The top 1% are now 35% wealthier than they were in 2011. In the US if you are earning over 515,000 per annum you considered part of the 1%. In Australia to be part of the top 1% you need to earn 351,000 a year. The ABS have put out some further stats on what qualities the top 1% have.

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This Week’s Investor Exchange Round Table Covered:

  • Louis talks about the things that can hold us back. When we make a decision we consider what we might lose and on the flip side what we might gain. Louis encourages you to consider what you might lose after you gain. In other words, what is holding you back from succeeding that is self-sabotaging? Consider what you need to let go of in order to make a decision to succeed. (20.55)

  • Brett discusses the current state of the housing market. The current data is supporting a trend upwards in Australian property prices. There has been an 11.6% accumulative growth ending in August. The value of investment home loan commitments has increased by 19.1% (31.23).

You Cannot Be Serious:

In Port Lincoln a property recently sold for just $97,000, a loss of $70,000 on the previous sale of the property. 

A copycat poo jogger was recently caught in Sydney. Unfortunately for the poo jogger they happened to be relieving themselves in front of a very famous socialite, Roxy Jejernko who made big news of the issue.

A man took to the internet to check if he had behaved badly. His girlfriend frequently complained of being scared of walking an hour home from the station in the dark. To cure her fear he decided to hide in the bushes and jump out and scare her. The internet agreed, this was not great behavior.

A new study of the stock market has shown that the reaction to forecasts by analysts is directly correlated to their surname. Following 911 in the US, forecasts delivered by analysts with middle eatser surnames were negatively received. The same applies following the french and german government’s opposition to the US-led Iraq war – us market reactions weakened with people with french or german surnames

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