Episode 55: Boris Johnson’s attempt on new Brexit deal

Boris Johnson

This week we’re discussing Boris Johnson’s aim for a new Brexit deal. Listen in as we discuss the history of Brexit, Johnson’s plan to withdraw Britain from the European Union, and the concerns on what it would mean the economy and the UK society.

The European Union, which was established after World War ⅠⅠ, and became a trading block allowing members of the European Union to have special trade and migration rights.

One of the issues many of the UK residents have with the agreement is that while they can vote for political representatives in their own country, they cannot vote for representatives in countries that are part of the EU. This has created a sense of distrust between the population and politicians due to a disparity between what is voted for and what is decided on at the European Union level. 

So what is next for Brexit? Boris Johnson’s hopes to breathe new life into Brexit as Prime Minister of the Tories, following Theresa May’s repeated failures at obtaining approval for her Brexit deal. Listen in for more of our discussion on Brexit, and what may be next. 

This Week’s Investor Exchange Round Table Covered:

  • Joel discusses the new earnings season starting this week in Australia’s stock market, explaining the strategy UGC will be using within their hedge fund, surrounding buying call options. Listen in for more on this strategy now. (16:02)
  • Louis shares his next point in his series on why debt is your friend, explaining how to use borrowed money to invest. Listen in for his tips on what to look for in your finances when considering borrowing funds to invest. (20:42)
  • Brett discusses why bigger cities are a safer bet for property investments than regional areas. Listen in for why industry and infrastructure impact a boom and bust cycle in regional areas more than capital cities. (38.46)

You Cannot Be Serious:

The hospital system in Turkey is not getting great press at the moment, following a woman discovering that she can stick a magnet to her skin after her back surgery from a few years ago. Once she went back to the hospital, they admitted they might have left something inside her back!

A Western Australian man avoided jail time after being apprehended for having 50 marijuana plants he was growing. The reason he was let go is officials have deemed the weed plants were no good and completely useless!

Listener Questions:

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