Episode 33: Efficiency updates in the airline sector attracting high powered investors

Airbus A380

This week the gents discuss recent changes in the airline industry, making operations more cost-effective and more rationally competitive; effective investing strategies as proven by a 20-year analysis; and tactics for employees to increase income.

Airbus announced the iconic A380 will no longer be in production, in favour of more fuel-efficient models. The large haul model can carry up to 600 passengers, with four engines, but will be replaced with more economically efficient two-engine dreamliners to cut costs and create more rational competition in the airline space.

The move toward more rational competition is proving beneficial for the sector, so much so that Warren Buffet has begun investing in airlines out of the US. Tune in for more insights on the recent financial changes in the airline industry.

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Our Investor Exchange Round Table Discussion Covered:

  • Data is not only illuminating when it comes to the market. A study on the keywords in online dating profiles was conducted by a keen data analyst went from zero matches per week to the number one match for 30,000 women simply by going through and analysing the data. For those unwilling to go to those lengths there are plenty of easy changes, supported by data out to improve your online profile. Tune in for more fun facts. (2:18)
  • Joel explains one of the more successful share investment strategies, as claimed by Citigroup. A study conducted by the company on valuation measures, shows growth and value investing strategies have both performed very poorly over the past 20 years. According to the data, buying companies with the highest free cashflow yield is the highest returning strategy. Listen in now for more information on this tactic. (12:37)
  • Louis tells us step 3 for tidying up your personal finances as part of your New Year’s resolution. By changing your mindset away from focusing on reducing expenses and scarcity, he recommends focusing on growth. For those who rely on income from a job, now is the time to consider asking for a pay rise. Listen in for some tips on how to have that conversation with your employer. (24:37)

You Cannot Be Serious this week:

We’ve heard about all the match up apps out there. We’ve got Tinder, but have you heard of Tudder? An app for livestock, Tudder, is a Tinder-inspired app for farmers to find suitable livestock to mate with their existing cattle.

Listener Questions:

Write in to get your investment and wealth management questions answered by Joel, Brett, and Louis.

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