Episode 15: The Sky is Falling

Episode 15 of The Investor Exchange

Welcome listeners, we start off this week drinking Pina Colada’s before discussing the stock market turmoil of the last few days, the fundamental criteria of a quality investment property, Morger’s Lendage Insurance (Thanks Steph), should your first property purchase be a home or an investment and of course some stupid stuff that really can’t be serious – listen and enjoy.

The Sky is Falling

The stock market has plummeted in recent days – Is it a Bear Market, a pull back, a correction or is it a shake out?
Joel explains what is happening on the stock market and gives a few history lessons to help us understand what is likely to happen next.  This latest volatility could actually be creating a great opportunity to buy. (1:30)

Our Investor Exchange Round Table Discussion Covered:

  • What makes a quality investment property?
    Brett discusses the criteria to evaluate when choosing an investment property.  The key elements are position, property and price but how do we analyse the position and the property to know its of sufficient quality. (21:10)
  • Should I buy my first home or rentvest?
    Louis discusses a client scenario where they are trying to decide on how to enter the property market.  He runs through the pros and cons from a financial perspective,factors such as the First Home Owner Grant, Stamp Duty and Stamp Duty Concessions, Depreciation. (36:30)

You Cannot Be Serious this week:

  • A squirrel as a companion animal
    Brett found the story of a lady kicked off a plane for having a squirrel as her emotional support animal, previous examples have included peacocks, ducks and even pigs YCBS! (51:10)
  • Jeremy McGovern
    Much to Joel and Brett’s disgust Louis brought up the story of Jeremy McGovern’s heroics in West Coast grand final victory – OK OK enough already…. (53:15)

Next Events:

The Investor Exchange partners with United Global Capital to run educational events for investors on Property Investing, Stock Market Investing and Financial Strategies.

Listener Questions:

We are wanting listeners to write in or leave a voice message for us with questions, feedback or topics for discussion.  You can do this via The Investor Exchange website on the link below.

Ask a Question: https://theinvestorexchange.com.au/ask/

Join the Conversation: fb.me/theinvestorexchange

The Investor Exchange Theme Music:  “Happy Happy Game Show” by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0.

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