Episode 14: The Fast Train to Property Success

Fast Train

Episode 14 of The Investor Exchange

Footy season is over and the AFL Grand Final resulted in Joel and Brett being heartbroken while it left Louis elated.  Collingwood have now won 2 of the 7 Grand Finals they have played in since the AFL era began whilst West Coast have won 4 from as many attempts. With that done we moved on to discuss Tesla, Fast Trains, Property Values and Biotech Investing – Listen and Enjoy.

Tesla Triumph and Turmoil

Brett kicked off with a report that the Tesla Battery in South Australia has saved the SA Government $33m and is considered a raging success.  This outcome was in contrast to other recent reports about the company and its founder Elon Musk, Joel gave further details.

Our Investor Exchange Round Table Discussion Covered:

  • What’s the current state of the Global Economy?
    Joel discusses the recent JP Morgan Chart Pack and highlights the most relevant data with a watch alert on corporate debt in the US (13:30)
  • Is Australian Property Crashing?
    Joel cites a report from Capital Economics that states Australian Housing Prices are likely to fall a further 12%.  Many other reports are telling a similar story.  What’s our view? – value growth of Australian Property over the last 5 years was unsustainable and the current decline is just a correction, long term property still presents a sound investment opportunity (16:50)
  • What impact would high speed trains to regional areas have on property prices?
    Brett discussed a pledge the Victorian Opposition have made to spend $19B on high speed rail to regional Victorian towns.  Should this happen it would bring travel times between Melbourne and towns like Bendigo and Ballarat faster than you could between some of Melbourne’s outer suburbs.  Should this happen it is likely to increase demand for housing in regional areas and with that some value increases (32:10)
  • Should you invest in Biotech?
    Joel discusses some analysis that highlighted Biotech as the best performing sector during the last Melt Up in the late 90’s.  With another Melt Up potentially coming, he discusses the merit of investing in Biotech stocks in the current market (40:00)

You Cannot Be Serious this week:

  • A Sex Robot Brothel!
    Brett tells how officials in Texas have rejected an application for a Canadian Sex Doll manufacturer to open a brothel using their dolls! YCBS! (46:40)
  • A Lost Proposal!
    Joel tells the tale of a couple who trekked up a mountain in Colorado where the male had planned to pop the question, somehow they got lost and suffered the effects of dehydration and altitude sickness, can’t wait for the wedding! (48:10)

Next Events:

The Investor Exchange partners with United Global Capital to run educational events for investors on Property Investing, Stock Market Investing and Financial Strategies.

Listener Questions:

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