Episode 13: Investing in Marijuana & Octopi on Ecstasy

Episode 13 of The Investor Exchange

Steph and Joel are back so Louis gave them a quick recap of events before Joel got serious and introduced a bear market indicator that is at it’s highest level since 1969. Throughout this episode we discuss Pot Stocks (yep marijuana), the numbers that matter, new rental tenancy laws coming to Victoria and qualitative considerations when investing, even baby shark got another run, listen and enjoy.

Pot Stocks

Joel alerts us to the performance of cannabis suppliers and how one such company, Tilray, had it’s share price rise 1,200% in 2 months.  These companies are encroaching on pharmaceutical sales but what is the future likely to hold for them and investors?  Louis has some insights, possibly from experience

Our Investor Exchange Round Table Discussion Covered:

  • What are the Numbers that Matter?
    Louis recently had a networking expert explain what numbers they look at to assess the performance of a network group, this lead him to discuss how to clear the confusion and focus on key issues and numbers that really matter, in work, health and of course finance.  Do you know the value of your net financial assets? (14:30)
  • What do pending changes to Victoria’s Tenancy Laws mean for Property Investors?
    Brett attended a presentation by the Property Investors Council of Australia (PICA) that highlighted the major changes and what impact they envisage them having. The key takeaway from the session – make sure you have a great property manager. (21:20)
  • What are the qualitative aspects to consider then investing in a company or business?
    Joel has previously discussed the QVT (Quality Value Trend) methodology he uses for identifying investments. Today he discusses the qualitative aspects he looks for within those companies, issues such as the business model, demand for their products or services, pricing sensitivity and competitive market position they hold. (38:20)

You Cannot Be Serious this week:

  • How to Murder Your Husband!
    The woman who wrote a blog with that title has now been charged with exactly that – murdering her husband! YCBS! (47:20)
  • Octupi on Ecstasy
    Louis wants to be an octopus after he discovered scientists are giving them the drug ecstasy in a series of experiments.(48:10)
  • Pole Dancing at Kinder
    A Kindergarten in China welcomed kids back from holidays with a pole dancing display, they grow up fast in China. (49.25)

Carn the Pies!

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