Advanced Advisory Service

United Global Capital’s Advanced Advisory Service has been specifically designed to help ordinary Australian investors of all portfolio sizes gain access to global investment themes and markets. It is designed for those investors who wish to be much more proactive in their investment approach and in identifying investment opportunities and managing risk.

Our advisors work with you to help you implement an investment strategy tailored to your needs, objectives and appetite for risk. This service is a “long only” investment advisory service, meaning that although we aim to identify the best opportunities we can find, we do not provide the level of active advice in trading both the rising market and falling markets. The strategies we use, while they require an active approach to investment, do not incorporate the trading strategies utilised in the Platinum Advisory Service. This service is ideal for investors with a starting balance of any size and may incorporate the use of managed funds.

Our Advanced Advisory Service aims to:

  • Identify financially sound companies with solid balance sheets that have the ability to generate, or currently are generating, high levels of cash and free cash flows that are listed on exchanges here in Australia and overseas.
  • Identify businesses that are trading significantly below fair value because of any number of reasons, for example; the market isn’t valuing the growth potential correctly or the company is in an under-appreciated sector of the economy.
  • Recommend investments that are exposed to the world’s most profitable investment trends and themes.
  • Deliver superior risk adjusted returns through the use of numerous risk management overlays including country, industry and company diversification.
  • Develop numerous paths for you to achieve financial freedom through the accumulation of investments which have the ability to consistently grow passive income streams well above the average market rate of growth and inflation.
  • Tailor our proven investment techniques with your personal investment objectives so that you can achieve the level of financial freedom you desire while appropriately managing the various investment risks we face in today’s challenging environment.

As a client engaging our Advanced Advisory Service you will receive:

  • A tailored active tactical and strategic investment strategy designed and implemented to suit your objectives and risk tolerance.
  • Access to global equity and fixed interest markets.
  • A minimum half yearly review of your overall strategic and tactical asset allocation.
  • A minimum half yearly review of your overall investment portfolio and individual investments.
  • Access to primary and secondary market offerings with advice on the suitability of these offerings within your investment strategy.
  • Free attendance to all UGC morning, lunchtime and evening briefings.
  • Free attendance to all UGC Wealth Master Class seminars featuring a range of topics and speakers.
  • Free access to UGC’s fortnightly newsletter.
  • 24/7 access to consolidated investment and tax reports.
  • Unlimited phone and email access to your adviser.
  • Comprehensive half yearly reporting on your investments
  • Free access to UGC’s half yearly market review and outlook report.


  • This service has been designed to remove the layers of fees that you face when accessing Australian and/or global markets indirectly through advisers who solely use managed funds. This is done by consolidating the role of your adviser and fund manager where possible and practical.
  • We provide specific advice on investments that suit your needs, not the needs of thousands of investors.
  • We engage the services of extremely low cost brokers to limit the negative effect transaction costs have on the value of your portfolio.
  • We use hedging techniques to manage risk and as a way of adjusting asset allocations so that Capital Gains Tax is minimised.
  • We offer access to the world’s most profitable global investment themes be it in technology, natural resources, energy, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, environmental technology, global food or other, which are often under-represented or not available on Australian exchanges.
  • We handle the hassles of preparing information to be given to your tax adviser.
  • We manage the administrative tasks of looking after your investments.
  • We make it easy for you to enjoy the things you would rather be doing but give you complete control to make the decisions you want to make.

If you are interested to know how you can use the strategies and techniques the world’s best investors use, contact United Global Capital today and speak with one of our financial strategists for a No Cost, No Obligation consultation on 03 8657 7640 or email

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