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May 2013

How to invest like the Super Rich

Proven Investment Strategies Used by the Wealthy Want to know how to invest like the super rich? According to an…

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Vocus Pays Dividends for UGC Clients

Vocus has grown 28% since our recommendation A recent article by The Motley Fool suggests that investors should pay particular…

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High Yielding Dividend ETFs

High Yielding Dividend ETFs From ETF trends. Are you looking for high yielding dividend ETFs? According to an article by…

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Time for a European Fling?

Warren Buffet is Investing in Europe Could this be a fine time for a European fling? According to a recent article by…

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Cheap U.S property & OZ dollar CRASH!

The Daily Wealth recently quoted property expert Peter Churchouse in their article “Once in two Generations’ Real Estate Opportunity”.     Mr…

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Banks now on the money

Banks now on the money According to an article by AAP today, four of Australia’s five biggest banks have passed…

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Recent stories

Know what concessions you may be eligible for?

As a small business, you have access to a range of concessions that could help your cash flow. Here’s some…

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Weekly Market Updates | November 25, 2021

Watch UGC’s weekly market update videos to find out the week’s most important financial and investment news.

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5 things you need to consider when you’re setting up an estate plan

We often don’t like to think of our mortality, but it’s a fact of life. The best way to take…

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How to transition to retirement

As you get closer to retirement, you’ll start to wind down and want to work less without compromising your lifestyle.…

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11 unique ideas that could help you save on renovation

1. Try a working bee What better excuse to have a barbecue than with a working bee? Get family, friends,…

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