Global Property

UGC Global Property is a specialist in helping private individuals invest successfully in global property.

Many private investors only ever consider the benefits of investing directly in their own local market. Many fail to look outside of their local suburb let alone their own state or country.

At United Global Capital, our aim is simple, to find the best investment opportunities available here in Australia but also around the world, regardless of the asset class.

When considering the Australian property market, it is important to remember that it offers just a fraction of the opportunities the world has to offer. Given 40 years of strong price appreciation, decreasing yields, rising levels of unaffordability, a strong Australian dollar and less appetite for new debt, can you be sure that the Australian property market alone will deliver the results you require to achieve financial independence?

Consider two long term global property themes which could potentially drive significant real estate returns:

US PROPERTY:  After a significant property market decline, many US properties are now offering attractive free cash flow net rental yields with the rare opportunity to generate DOUBLE DIGIT income returns. In addition, many properties are now selling at discounts of up to 30% to 60% and greater below levels they would have achieved 7 years ago. In many instances these same properties are now also selling well below replacement value. Given the high Australian dollar and positive cash generating qualities, US real estate is offering a rare opportunity for patient property investors to benefit from strong income returns while also offering multiple identifiable drivers for significant capital value appreciation.

But you need to be careful. In desperate times, even good people do desperate things.

To ensure that you safely and securely capitalise on this rare opportunity, speak with a UGC adviser today on 03 8657 7640 and learn how UGC can help you avoid the traps and safely create wealth from overseas property markets.

At UGC, we are only ever interested in creating long term relationships with clients that are committed to creating long term wealth. That’s why we are and will always be with you at every step of your international property investment strategy, from helping you to safely secure and structure you property investment, to managing the ongoing tasks required to maintain your portfolio’s return potential, to helping you safely and securely exit your international property investment, giving consideration to your personal tax and financial circumstances.

Developing Economies: Consider the 2 billion people in China and India that are slowly rising from poverty. This trend is a long term trend which could lead to some significant gains in real estate which is located in markets and regions well placed to benefit from these long term growth drivers.

Your UGC Global Property adviser can help you access direct property opportunities, not just in Australia, but also overseas. By designing and helping you implement your own global property investment strategy, you can benefit from the major property investment themes the world has to offer and know that not only will you be able to commence your investment, but we’ll also be with you for the whole journey to help you manage and safely exit your investment.

Contact United Global Property today to speak with one of our UGC Global Property advisers and learn how you can get to where you want to be.

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