Advisory & Advocacy

UGC Global Property offers a purely client focused property advisory and advocacy service to help our clients become more successful real estate investors. We are constantly monitoring real estate investment opportunities in Australia and overseas to provide our clients with access to the lowest risk, highest return real estate opportunities available. We help our clients navigate the complexities of real estate investing in local, rural, interstate and overseas real estate markets.

We are also 100% client engaged, meaning you pay us to provide you with the impartial advice you need to find and invest in real estate suitable to your needs. We do not accept commissions or referral fees other than to rebate back to you to lower the cost of our advice or your acquisition price. We act solely on behalf of our clients when dealing with any real estate sales agent or marketer. Our advice is totally client driven and we help you navigate the spin that is so prevalent in the real estate market.

We establish our own teams on the ground to allow us to identify high quality investment opportunities and conduct timely and cost effective research, analysis and due diligence in the target markets we have identified as offering the best risk to reward opportunities. We also utilise our vast network of industry professionals and alliance partners to help you cost effectively and efficiently settle your property investment acquisition to and manage the day-to-day requirements of your investment.

Financial planning consultation

Importantly though, that is not where our advisory and advocacy service ends. We remain with you for the whole journey to ensure that you are continually supported in your real estate investment activities. Through our ongoing advisory service, we meet with you at regular and agreed intervals to review the performance of your portfolio and recommend strategies and tactics designed to continually enhance value through increased growth in rent or capital appreciation. On occasion it may also be necessary to restructure your portfolio so that it remains positioned for continual optimal performance.

Your UGC Global Property adviser will:

  • Identify the most suitable risk to reward real estate investment opportunities for your needs and financial strategy.
  • Conduct in-depth macro and micro real estate investment research.
  • Conduct and manage the search campaign.
  • Conduct and facilitate all due diligence and inspections.
  • Provide a thorough valuation analysis.
  • Help you negotiate the terms of acquisition and settlement and assist through to final settlement.
  • Manage all aspects of the property acquisition, management, review and sales process.
  • Conduct project feasibility and developer due diligence on off-plan and development opportunities.
  • Conduct portfolio optimization and review meetings for greater cash-flow, capital gains and tax effectiveness.
  • Scope and identify properties which meet your criteria and strategy.
  • Provide in-depth property and market research reports and assessments on potential investments.

You can benefit from our strong relationships with industry insiders for access to quality “property investment deal flow” and “off-market” investment opportunities that aren’t available for general purchase.

Regardless of whether you are a first time investor or a new investor, your UGC Global Property adviser can help you improve your results, save you time and effort and enhance your wealth.

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