February 6, 2017

UGC Securities (OLD)

UGC Securities is our global financial markets advisory division. At UGC Securities we specialise in identifying high return, low risk investment opportunities in Australian and overseas capital markets. In close consultation with you and your other advisers, we design, implement and manage investment and trading strategies that are suitable to your needs and your level of risk tolerance.

Your UGC Securities adviser is a highly trained and educated financial markets specialist. Your adviser conducts in-depth research and analysis on a wide universe of investment opportunities spanning the globe.

Your UGC Securities adviser will give you all the advice, support and access to opportunities you need to deliver the results you require to achieve the financial and investment objectives you have set for yourself.

We are specialist in managing assets on behalf of our clients that include Australian and international:

  • Shares
  • Fixed interest and income securities
  • Derivatives
  • Cash, money markets and term deposits
  • Foreign currencies
  • Commodities
  • Managed investments, and
  • Alternative assets

Our direct access to global investment markets allows our clients to cut out many layers of fees typical investors face and our superior technology allows our clients to track and monitor every aspect of their portfolio and its performance.

Our Investment Philosophy

Having wider access to global direct investment markets allows our analysts to apply a highly selective and disciplined approach to investment selection. Our philosophy has been heavily influenced by studying some of the world’s best and most consistently successful investors and applying their methods within a carefully considered investment portfolio strategy. Our proprietary approach to investment selection is based on identifying Quality assets, that represent Value and are in the early stages of a new up Trend.

Where appropriate we then look to manufacture additional returns. Within this frame work we have developed our own approach to investment selection focusing on three primary methods:

Value Investing: Here we identify high quality, blue chip investments that are often mature slower growing businesses that are trading at a substantial discount to our assessed valuation. These businesses often offer sustainable and growing revenues, cash flow, profits and dividends. We then look to recommended new positions only as they commence the early stages of a new uptrend. Well known and highly successful practitioners of this approach towards stock selection include Warren Buffett, Carl Icahn, Daniel Loeb and David Tepper, all of whom are highly successful and independently wealthy individuals.

Growth Investing: Here we identify quality but smaller, more innovative businesses that have substantial growth prospects. These are businesses that have solid balance sheets, but are seeing profits, margins and earnings per share increase substantially. These companies often pay low or no dividend but offer the opportunity to make substantial returns from significant price appreciation. We also buy these companies when they are in the early stages of a new uptrend. Well know practitioners of this approach include David Ryan (3x US Investing Champion), Mark Minervini (US Investing Champion and developer of the SEPA approach to stock selection) and William O’Neil a hugely successful investor, business man and the developer of the CANSLIM approach to investing.

Speculation: While this style of asset selection typically forms only a small proportion of a client’s portfolio, nevertheless, this segment of the portfolio can offer the opportunity to participate in some truly spectacular returns. Here we identify opportunities that are typically pre-revenue and pre-profit, but where there are clearly identifiable value drivers and medium term catalysts for possible huge returns. Opportunities are typically found in the junior resource sector, bio-tech or high tech sectors of the market and, as with our growth and value investments, aim to enter these positions as they begin to enter the early stages of a new uptrend.

UGC’s QVT Approach to Stock Selection


We only recommend buying shares in well managed companies where their balance sheets have low or no debt, where the company is consistently generating a high return on capital invested, where revenue, profit and earnings per share are growing at attractive growth rates and where there are structural industry tailwinds to support the medium term performance of the business, industry and sector.


We invest in companies when we believe the valuation for that business represents compelling value relative its intrinsic value or the growth prospects for that business.


We invest in companies when they are in the early stages of a new uptrend, preferably after they have started to emerge from a well developed basing pattern and this price strength is being confirmed by a large increase in volume, indicating institutional buying power is supporting the price increase.

Manufacture Returns

Where appropriate we then look to manufacture additional returns using strategies such as selling put options, writing call options, or dividend stripping to generate enhanced portfolio income or hedging or leveraging the portfolio using tactical positions in Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), Contracts-for-Difference (CFDs) and/or Options.

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