February 6, 2017

UGC Private Wealth (OLD)

UGC Private Wealth is our financial advisory division. UGC Private Wealth provides you with long term wealth creation solutions through sound and tax effective investment and financial strategy advice complementary to your lifestyle, family and financial needs.

Using sophisticated financial models and analytical tools, we are able to gain a detailed understanding of your current financial position, advise on specific strategies and provide realistic estimates of your probable future financial position. By doing so, we can provide you with the confidence and knowledge that you are in control of your financial affairs and that the investment and financial activities you pursue are appropriate to allow you to achieve the objectives you wish to achieve.

Our advice development process is consultative in nature and one where the strategies developed and the recommendations made will be so only after close and ongoing consultation with you. In doing this we ensure that the advice is specific in nature and serves your best interests.

By engaging UGC Private Wealth to design, implement and manage your own tailored financial strategy, we will provide you with a detailed Statement of Advice which clearly documents each recommendation and the reasons behind making them. This will allow you to make a much more informed decision around your chosen pathway.

While your Statement of Advice will be designed to serve your best interests, you are under no obligation to accept the recommendations contained within it and have the right to reject any or all of the recommendations.

Once you have decided that you would like to proceed with some of all of the recommendations, your UGC Private Wealth adviser will then do all things necessary to implement your strategy and the recommendations contained within your Statement of Advice.

Once implemented, your UGC Private Wealth adviser will then meet with you regularly to review, manage and maintain your financial strategy and ensure that it remains relevant to your personal circumstances and the prevailing taxation, regulatory, legal and economic environment.

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