March 7, 2017

UGC Posts

Australian Property Construction
Foreign Investment Hurting Australian Property
Some of Australia’s largest developers are likely to exit the apartment market after changing regulations have forced sale prices down.
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Australian Property Past its Peak
Housing Prices Past Their Peak
Melbourne and Sydney are both beginning to feel the effects of the downturn in the housing market, we have now
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5 Reasons why Uranium Prices Could Soar in 2018
Uranium prices might be at the end of a decade-long bear market according to famed hedge fund analyst, Michael Alkin.
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When the next Stock Market Crash Will Happen!
The US stock market bull run has not yet ended and it won’t for some time to come, according to
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CoDeveloper Project Nearing Completion
The CoDeveloper project launched by UGC in the Brisbane suburb of Murrarie is nearing completion. The images below highlight the
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Property Cliff
Property Market Definitely Slowing
The football season is over, daylight savings has started and warmer weather is upon us.  This is traditionally when the
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property value increasing
Does Property Really Double in Value Every 10 Years?
Property values in many Australian locations have taken off in an era of record-low interest rates and high population growth.
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Is the US stock market about to MELT UP?
Is the US stock market about to Melt Up? The Dow Jones Industrial Average has just beaten the Nasdaq Composite
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Property Slow Down
The Property Market is Slowing – Is It Time to Sell?
Property owners in most capital cities have enjoyed a great run in the last 5 years. Sydney and Melbourne have
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