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As we negotiate the purchase of a whole block of apartments for multi-million dollar prices, you only pay for an individual unit at an affordable price whilst enjoying the following benefit:

  • Buying in bulk rather than purchasing individual units, usually resulting in more competitive pricing.
  • Add value to the property as all purchasers agree to an external renovation upgrade.
  • If applicable, we increase the property’s value by subdividing if the property is on one title.
  • By renovating internally and externally, you can often increase rental returns and cash flow.
  • Providing clients with tax depreciation and tax deduction benefits on the capital cost of renovations, thus increasing their cash flow.
  • Building equity by adding value with internal and external renovations.
  • Renovations attract better quality tenants, thus increasing rental returns.
  • Our allied business partners do all the hard work and co-ordinate everything for you. They include:

Land surveyors for the subdivision, building designer/architects for planning permits, builders and renovation companies for building permits and internal and external renovations, solicitors, building inspectors, body corporate managers (owner’s corporations) and property managers.

Shortcodes Ultimate